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I Bought a Maserati  I Bought a Maserati
I Knew a Guy  I Knew a Guy
I Love Me  I Love Me
I Often Contradict Myself  I Often Contradict Myself
Mirror, Mirror  Mirror, Mirror
Our Teacher Sings the Beatles  Our Teacher Sings the Beatles
That Explains It!  That Explains It!
The Biggest Burp Ever  The Biggest Burp Ever
The Toughest Pastry Maker  The Toughest Pastry Maker
Wayne the Stegosaurus  Wayne the Stegosaurus
You Can Never Be Too Careful  You Can Never Be Too Careful

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Waiter, There's a Dog in My Soup
Anonyms wrote
I am loving this poem!
For My Brother, On His Birthday
blah blah wrote
I like this poem it is the nice
My Teacher Ate My Homework
Suzy wrote
I really like this poem.
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