Comments for 'Hooray! Hooray! It's New Year's Day'

On Jan 9, 2014 TC from UK wrote:
Fantastic new years poem for kids! Printing it out for my daughter to take to her school as they're doing a lesson on New Years.
On Dec 3, 2013 Shraeya from india wrote:
I was searching for a poem for my brothers recitation comp its really a good one .....
On May 3, 2013 Bhairavi from INDIA wrote:
tha poem is really wonderful for my daughters recitation copetition. many thankx to poetition.
On Jan 22, 2013 Joseph from France wrote:
I love this poem. It is so fancy... with my best wishes for 2013.
On Jan 13, 2013 drishti bansal from india wrote:
wow its awesome i want a poem for my holiday homework i was finding from 4 to 5 days but i didnt get a right poem but now i have got it thank you to the author of the poem
On Jan 13, 2013 ayah from Ireland wrote:
u are so good at writing poems
On Dec 25, 2012 Svitlana from Ukraine wrote:
It's exactly about my daughter! Kangaroo, dinosaures, Star wars with aliens - all she loves the most! This year Father Christmas will hear this poem
On Jan 12, 2012 PAOLA from ITALY wrote:
On Dec 28, 2011 jordanesque from trinidad wrote:
i love it!
On Mar 25, 2010 Kailynn from California wrote:
Best 1 on here i loved it this is my favorite 1 yet goodjob to who ever wrote this im so proud of u and this poem GREATJOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On Mar 17, 2010 bugger boy from china wrote:
it rocks
On Mar 17, 2010 brandon AKA brando from U.S.A wrote:
aww i wish i could do all that stuff.....anyway GREAT POEM!!!
On Mar 16, 2010 cararawwr from california wrote:
awsome poem
On Mar 10, 2010 corncake1 from fl wrote:
On Mar 4, 2010 adam from usa wrote:
Hi I really liked your poem.
On Feb 25, 2010 Stephanie Perez from U.S.A wrote:
HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It'a very funny
On Jan 20, 2010 ANDREW314!!!!!!!!!!! from NEW MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:
that was so cute i loved it KENN U R AWSM L8r!!!
On Jan 19, 2010 reyna from LILILIL.LILILILILILILILIL wrote:
the poem yea that one it is ASWOME except you use the word "or" to much but its COOOOOLLLLL k u are ASWEOME =o)
On Jan 11, 2010 **Yari** from nm wrote:
WOW its 2010 !!!
On Jan 7, 2010 karen from new mexico wrote:
this poem remineds me of my cosin
On Jan 7, 2010 ***cc*** from nm wrote:
omg i still cant believe its 2010 BIG DIFFERENCE
On Jan 4, 2010 dilraj from india wrote:
I liked poem a lot. these are very intresting. I liked the author
On Dec 28, 2009 Devanshi from India wrote:
I am Devanshi from India and I am in fourth grade. I love these because they are suitable for my english recitation
On Dec 16, 2009 JBrandon from USA wrote:
Read a lot of poems, all of them to long. This is just perfect. My class will love it! Thanks
On Apr 16, 2009 J'Anthony from united states wrote:
this poem just made my day it was really funny
On Apr 14, 2009 bryce from usa wrote:
i liked this poem
On Mar 29, 2009 Amanda Beane from monroe wrote:
Hi i am Amanda I live in monroe! I go to rockrest elementary! I am in the 5th grade! I love how the auther writes the poems were pepole can understand them!
On Mar 29, 2009 ARYA from INDIA wrote:
On Mar 26, 2009 dasia from north Carolina wrote:
i kinda like that poem
On Mar 26, 2009 logan (I'am a girl) from america wrote:
I really liked this poem it was cute and funny(:
On Mar 20, 2009 re re chun from United States wrote:
Funny poem you got there, keep it up!
On Mar 20, 2009 kimberjoe from idaho wrote:
it you thin this is a good toung twister? the sneaky snake slid down the slipery slde sideways with sweetie.
On Mar 3, 2009 BlueLolipop from U.S.A wrote:
This was an awesome poem! It was also funny.Yet,GREAT!
On Mar 3, 2009 Gertie from ny wrote:
On Feb 23, 2009 gloria welch from u s a wrote:
okay,i guess could have done way better!.
On Feb 17, 2009 Yaralis Pacheco from U.S.A wrote:
Good. But the sentence, its anew. dosent meke sence.
On Jan 22, 2009 ileana from mexico wrote:
On Jan 20, 2009 miriam from U.S.A wrote:
I really liked the poem!
On Jan 20, 2009 Alice from Wonderland wrote:
On Jan 8, 2009 lessly from america wrote:
it was just nice not bad
On Dec 15, 2008 Allison from USA wrote:
This will be perfect for my 1st graders. Thank you!
On Dec 11, 2008 Fatima from UK wrote:
I thought this poem was very amusing , i wish it was true .......... I liked the rhymes and in a whole i liked it all Good luck in the future
On Dec 9, 2008 cleo from America wrote:
i would become the smartest kid on earth.
On Dec 9, 2008 David from Australia wrote:
I read to my class, it make them all laugh!!
On Nov 24, 2008 michael from U.S. wrote:
i wish that was true
On Nov 5, 2008 brianna from usa wrote:
boho it made me cry
On Nov 3, 2008 Rhys from England wrote:
I think its great!!! :)
On Oct 28, 2008 keemaya gadgil from india wrote:
awesome and true
On Oct 24, 2008 paul from alabama wrote:
It Great To Read ON NEW YEAR DAY!
On Oct 24, 2008 Joshua from alabama wrote:
Worst Poem I have Ever Heard
On Sep 10, 2008 vanessa nunez from usa wrote:
i love this poem!
On Aug 13, 2008 omg from omg wrote:
On Aug 4, 2008 Sir.aryaman gupta from KOLKATA wrote:
exelent poem
On Jul 17, 2008 tamara mazija year 4 10 years from croatia... wrote:
it,s GREAT .......
On Jun 26, 2008 Muhammad from Egypt wrote:
not very bad
On Jun 4, 2008 sassy from earth wrote:
this rocks all of these poems do
On Jun 1, 2008 Summah from Austraila wrote:
THIS IS THIS THE BEST POEM............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On May 19, 2008 jimmy from iraq wrote:
im from iraq! do u like me? i love u lets get mariied!
On May 14, 2008 Kimberly from Scotland wrote:
I'ts nice but my mom don't want it on my Homework Not fair..
On Feb 20, 2006 Chloe from USA wrote:
Not one of your best, but still its ok i guess

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