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Comments for 'I Cloned Myself on Friday Night'

On Jul 26, 2010 Diane Cilengi from South Africa wrote:
mayb cloning myself isnt such a great idea!
On Jan 27, 2010 mimi from u.s.a wrote:
On Jan 24, 2010 Kiesha from Hollywood wrote:
i want to clone myself so that i could be at my concerts and at big hollywood parties!!!!!!!!
On Jan 20, 2010 celestE!!!!!!!!!!#1 from new mexico wrote:
and at first when i saw this poem i wanted 2 clone my self so that i can stay at home and my clone can go 2 school 4 me but now that i read htis i will never clon my self AHAHA!!!! LOLO
On Jan 15, 2010 melissa from u.s.a. wrote:
creeative! i love it!
On Jan 7, 2010 mira from singapore wrote:
i loved this poems very much it is interesting!
On Jan 4, 2010 olay from USA wrote:
It was funny, my clone would be great
On Jan 1, 2010 hannah from usa wrote:
i looooved it!
On Apr 21, 2009 luvr23 from united states wrote:
i have to do a declamation and i love it, but my cloned would be awesome! LOL!
On Mar 5, 2009 liam from uk wrote:
odd but i like it
On Mar 5, 2009 BlueLolipop from U.S.A wrote:
The poem was kinda funny. Well yet good.
On Mar 3, 2009 sam from usa wrote:
that was lol
On Mar 2, 2009 lauren from usa wrote:
this poem is like so awsome!
On Mar 2, 2009 aleKiis from mexico wrote:
really think ists greta but too large for my presentation really love it..
On Mar 1, 2009 cutie girl from canada wrote:
Kenn is such a good poet!!! I love his poems!!! how does he manage a web and poems and writing books?!?!?!
On Feb 20, 2009 asma sofiyya azmi from chiangmai wrote:
On Feb 11, 2009 babe from tokio wrote:
Ommg i loveeed it lol made me pee in my pants!! i think she was looking in a mirror tho
On Feb 6, 2009 diamond from atl wrote:
it was not that fuuny
On Feb 3, 2009 Bethany from england wrote:
I thought it was great
On Feb 2, 2009 Yaralis Pacheco from Texas wrote:
On Jan 30, 2009 israa from United States of America wrote:
i like it its kinda funny
On Jan 30, 2009 zoo from zoo wrote:
On Jan 27, 2009 nicole martinez from tucson wrote:
hi thizzz poem wazz cute
On Jan 22, 2009 gigglegirl101 from usa wrote:
so funey iheart it nesbitt u r awsome
On Jan 11, 2009 Bachlover101 from U.S.A. wrote:
This is a fantastic poem!! Mr. Nesbitt has SUCH a way of putting things!!! I am envious of his amazing talent!! Poetry is my pastime, but I could not write such a poem as this!! I don't know where he gets the great ideas for all these poems!! He is the BEST funny poet I have ever discovered!! Thank you for all you do, Mr. Nesbitt!
On Dec 15, 2008 jacqueline from florida wrote:
cool asome ....wierd
On Dec 11, 2008 layla from usa wrote:
ok. not my favorite
On Dec 9, 2008 Sara from U.S. wrote:
I kinda liked it but it wasn't realy that good.
On Dec 4, 2008 alyssa from KENTUCKY wrote:
On Dec 3, 2008 janell from u.s.a wrote:
On Dec 2, 2008 Kimberly from Florida wrote:
That sound wonderful
On Dec 2, 2008 beth from usa wrote:
i think this is a funny poem
On Dec 2, 2008 chloe from miami wrote:
that has so cool when you speek in the mecrophone
On Dec 2, 2008 alana from miami wrote:
On Nov 18, 2008 Gen from S.A. wrote:
Give this guy a break i mean that was not too bad. I rest my case.Love you Kenn bye.Good-Night everyone.
On Nov 2, 2008 Ashley Mohamad from california wrote:
i liked it alot
On Oct 31, 2008 snehaa from india wrote:
dis is so cool
On Oct 28, 2008 arshaunel from united wrote:
i like dis poem
On Oct 20, 2008 anta from australia wrote:
that was boring
On Oct 20, 2008 jack from australia wrote:
this poem was awsom
On Sep 30, 2008 cassandra from akula wrote:
hey this is cool it is awesome!!
On Sep 30, 2008 Jojo tinker from Kasigluk,Alaska wrote:
hey this is cool it is awesome!!
On Sep 10, 2008 TV from NZ wrote:
I liked this story really
On Jul 25, 2008 XxcxX from U.K wrote:
i liked this poem because you hardly ever come across clone poems.
On Jul 23, 2008 ferfee from fefe wrote:
On Jun 18, 2008 i from like wrote:
this poem and you bbz
On Jun 18, 2008 google uppa from england wrote:
it wasnt good enough
On Jun 18, 2008 raika from India wrote:
first really nice original poem iv come across on the net!!! Im an avid poet too, and ur a natural at it, that i can say.
On Jun 4, 2008 Blossom from U.S.A. wrote:
This poem is SO FUNNY!
On Jun 4, 2008 Blah from Vancuover, B.C., Canada wrote:
Keen Nessibtt write awsome poems!! I love it!
On May 27, 2008 lisa from New York wrote:
this is really cool
On May 22, 2008 Cat from Wagga Wagga wrote:
On May 22, 2008 angeica from u.s wrote:
love it im just like dat!!!!!!!!!!
On May 21, 2008 Hi! from scandanaviea wrote:
On May 19, 2008 Maia from Francce wrote:
I loved this poem it was so funny & cute Now i know not to ever clone myself!
On May 16, 2008 d from us wrote:
why would anyone clone themselves
On May 13, 2008 laura from canada wrote:
this is a pretty funny poem!
On May 8, 2008 April from USA wrote:
that was a gud poem....but i still never think about cloning myself....itz too risky!!!!
On May 7, 2008 Emily kreidler from St.lous wrote:
That it was amazing
On May 4, 2008 Dr. Cloned from USA wrote:
i have written plenty of comments and none of mie have gone on please add my comments. Quite an inteeligent poem Subperb who ever wrote this
On May 4, 2008 ERICA from USA wrote:
On May 4, 2008 RespectGurl from usa wrote:
Yo! This was tight! Peace to the hippies from RespectGurl in the hizhouse!
On Apr 30, 2008 Charlene Neilands from Canada wrote:
that cool! it's really good! and it's funny!
On Apr 30, 2008 harji from Canada wrote:
On Apr 23, 2008 reid from canada wrote:
On Apr 13, 2008 chelsea from usa wrote:
i like it it made me laugh lol
On Apr 6, 2008 justin neal from nc usa wrote:
On Apr 3, 2008 jessica villa from new mexico wrote:
it was so cool lol!
On Apr 2, 2008 jamerri from north america wrote:
it was boring and it had too many repeats hope you understand jamerri
On Mar 30, 2008 Jen from USA wrote:
not funny and so long
On Mar 23, 2008 aisha from India wrote:
On Mar 23, 2008 Diana from United States wrote:
I love it it has a lot of funny things ! Super .
On Mar 18, 2008 nicole serrano from U.S.A. wrote:
i dont like it it long and weird
On Mar 18, 2008 shania from massena new york wrote:
i fricken hate this poem who ever fricken made go to heaven
On Mar 18, 2008 Michael from USA wrote:

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This a wonderful poem i think its great for helping you for homework.
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Ditlha wrote
I think that mom sould make a better desegen.
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