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Comments for 'My Teacher Ate My Homework'

On May 25, 2016 Clint Vo from Hong Kong wrote:
I wish my teacher did not ate my home work
On May 8, 2016 #Paige# from Louisiana wrote:
I wish that were possible for mrs knight to eat my homework and say #YOU PASS#
On May 1, 2016 jayden from usa wrote:
i wish my teacher can eat my homework
On May 1, 2016 Ashlyn from USA wrote:
was so so funny that made me giggle.
On Apr 20, 2016 1738hue from MERICA wrote:
I have to deal with this every day
On Feb 25, 2016 alesha from uk wrote:
have to use it for my hw
On Feb 25, 2016 EPICNESS from ENGLAND wrote:
I really like this and it is great as I can use this for my homework!
On Feb 25, 2016 zipporah from usa(unitedstatesofamerica) wrote:
wow so funny loved the part about the cooking class
On Feb 25, 2016 Byron Roche from Canada wrote:
Kenn Nesbitt is the best i love his poems
On May 15, 2015 amaan yasir from pakistan wrote:
kenn nesbitt is the best writer
On May 3, 2015 Ms. Collins' 3rd Grade Class from NC, USA wrote:
We loved your poem about the teacher eating homework! It had a surprise ending, which we thought was strange, but good.
On Apr 19, 2015 Your Cooking Teacher from USA wrote:
You pass, but, where's the DESERT!? You are fired. . .
On Apr 16, 2015 190472 from U.S.A wrote:
On Apr 8, 2015 Liliette Grace Taylor from USA wrote:
OMG! I'm doing a poem thing for my class, and this is the perfect poem.
On Feb 28, 2015 daisy from UK wrote:
I think it is really funny i just love it
On Feb 28, 2015 Homer Simpson from U.S.A wrote:
this actually happened to me
On Feb 8, 2015 Siena from Canada wrote:
This poem is hilarious.I recommend for everyone.My teacher and my class giggled for a year after this poem.
On Jan 22, 2015 Jesssie from Canada wrote:
Good peom i like it
On Nov 13, 2014 Suzy from U.S.A. wrote:
I really like this poem.
On Nov 13, 2014 Eun Ji from U.S.A. wrote:
I really like this poem.
On Oct 15, 2014 fabian from auropa wrote:
I like this poem
On Jul 23, 2014 Josh from Australia wrote:
So funny
On Jul 15, 2014 Danya from London wrote:
On May 26, 2014 Emily Eve from England wrote:
Awesome :)
On Mar 20, 2014 Sadhbh from Ireland wrote:
Hahah that was soo funny!! LOL
On Mar 20, 2014 Jamin from In. wrote:
Funny stuff dude.
On Mar 19, 2014 destiny from michigan wrote:
funny poem i love it
On Mar 11, 2014 rose ross from HAIIAN wrote:
that was so funny maby i could get my techer to do that
On Mar 10, 2014 Flowerkat from Chile wrote:
OMG!! It was so funny oh my!!
On Mar 6, 2014 Brishti from Vietnam wrote:
Get it guys?! Lol!
On Feb 21, 2014 Landon from usa wrote:
really funny nice story
On Feb 17, 2014 ritu from india wrote:
o it,s so dam funny
On Feb 7, 2014 h from n wrote:
very good
On Jan 28, 2014 little m from missuri wrote:
lol hes so funny
On Jan 27, 2014 laurenwong from canada wrote:
On Jan 27, 2014 Sarah Icon from England wrote:
Cool and funny
On Jan 17, 2014 christina from india,kerala wrote:
awesome poem
On Jan 17, 2014 Myra from Philippines wrote:
hahaha super nice..
On Jan 13, 2014 stinko from stinkland wrote:
My brother ate my homework
On Jan 8, 2014 fat guy from fat vill wrote:
that happend to me only I ate my homework
On Jan 8, 2014 fat scary guy from fat vill wrote:
I ate my homework
On Nov 23, 2013 Ron Weasly✔ from England wrote:
I LOVE this poem,it made me smile!
On Nov 23, 2013 harriett from austrialia wrote:
it was very funny. it was weird. it was a nice poem. I loved it a lot. it was a nice little story.
On Nov 18, 2013 atharva from india wrote:
Very funny
On Nov 13, 2013 kartavya gupta from India wrote:
fantastically written and hats off to you sir.
On Nov 13, 2013 onion from Syria wrote:
nice one
On Nov 13, 2013 CutieCat from CutieFashyLand! wrote:
I luv this poem! im copying it for my homework 'find a poem to read to the class!' I picked this poem out because it was interesting! I never thought it'd end like this :o lol
On Nov 12, 2013 Amitabh Bachan from India wrote:
On Oct 30, 2013 betul from australia wrote:
i wish i had cooking classes
On Oct 30, 2013 Shannon from Bradley wrote:
This poem is very funny, just like all Kenn Nesbitt Poems, he's my favourite poet
On Oct 30, 2013 LILYBEAN from WI wrote:
That poem was so funny! I never would have guessed the ending!
On Oct 11, 2013 Elbe from England wrote:
I read this poem coz the title attracted me coz it sounded funny. When I read more into to it, it sounded like my teacher where she'll eat my homework. LOL!
On Oct 3, 2013 Tanya from India wrote:
Reeeeeally awesome!
On Sep 30, 2013 Bui from Canada wrote:
Lol my teacher actually ate my homework yesterday for my science/cooking class.
On Sep 24, 2013 na from na wrote:
I luv this I keep reading this over and over
On Aug 26, 2013 CThomas4space police from Space police com base wrote:
So funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On Aug 16, 2013 aditi from INDIA wrote:
I'ts amazin'! I LOVED it
On Jul 30, 2013 nishika from australia wrote:
great poem it is funny
On Jul 3, 2013 Sally from America wrote:
It's totally great wonder wat will be next
On Jul 1, 2013 Mikayla from Australia wrote:
My teacher at my homework and the homework was cooking??LOL
On May 28, 2013 Lucie.w. from Uk wrote:
great just so great lol
On May 27, 2013 dynamite973 from usa wrote:
this poem is hillarious
On May 27, 2013 KIMBERLY from ROCHESTER,tx wrote:
On May 17, 2013 alia from u.k wrote:
On May 13, 2013 BIANCA from US wrote:
On May 7, 2013 princi from India wrote:
good work
On May 3, 2013 Millie from UK wrote:
On May 1, 2013 1D FAN from USA wrote:
On May 1, 2013 yazmin from mexico wrote:
I wish my teacher ate my homework.LoL
On Apr 26, 2013 The Unknown Person from USA wrote:
Heheheh Nice Poem i Loved It!!!
On Apr 18, 2013 Lila from Australia wrote:
I would like to see my teacher eat my homework!
On Apr 18, 2013 Dakota from Australia wrote:
I wish my teacher ate all my homework
On Apr 18, 2013 kyra from australia wrote:
i loved it! i would love to see my teacher eat my homework. LOL
On Apr 17, 2013 sarah from Australia wrote:
thats a cool poem
On Apr 11, 2013 ugly from .... wrote:
On Apr 9, 2013 matthew from united state wrote:
On Apr 9, 2013 robyn from england wrote:
wow that is 1 cool poem! LOL!
On Mar 20, 2013 kelly from United States wrote:
okie well ive been thinking WHY WOULD MY TEACHER EAT MY HOMEWORK?! thats just wacko love the poem sent it to my sis
On Mar 19, 2013 Michelle Upton from Houston Texas wrote:
Cool my teacher don't do that
On Mar 12, 2013 Jordan from Garrett wrote:
It's awesome
On Feb 26, 2013 Leonardo from New Zealand wrote:
Right!Poem chosen to present to class, then team, maybe whole school! :O
On Feb 20, 2013 Nave from Israel wrote:
This is good poem and funny
On Feb 19, 2013 JOJO from Indonesia wrote:
It's so funny
On Feb 12, 2013 mackenzie from united states wrote:
On Feb 12, 2013 Aaron from TX wrote:
On Dec 3, 2012 Sakura Daidoji from Japan wrote:
It's a fun poem!
On Nov 30, 2012 Lily Tanaka from America wrote:
So very funny and my tummy wants to do that kind of homework!
On Nov 7, 2012 poem girl from austrailia wrote:
On Oct 25, 2012 Swathy Suresan from London wrote:
This poem is so funny!
On Oct 14, 2012 Aaliyah from Pakistan, Islamabad wrote:
Now I really want to be in cooking class
On Sep 9, 2012 Guadalupe 1 from USA wrote:
I like it.It was funny.
On Sep 6, 2012 Flora from Pakistan wrote:
These are like so funny!
On Aug 28, 2012 random person from who knows wrote:
good poem!
On Aug 18, 2012 Ella from australia wrote:
On Aug 12, 2012 Nic from China wrote:
Hey, it's REALLY REALLY REALLY Cool! I hope my teacher ate my HW too~
On Jul 9, 2012 ruchi from india wrote:
On Jun 28, 2012 Neha Niharika Kar from India wrote:
Wow! what a's really very nice..
On Jun 15, 2012 calvin from canada wrote:
WOW! I loved it
On Jun 13, 2012 orlando deleon from trinidad wrote:
On Jun 5, 2012 alliah from trinbago wrote:
its great i love it
On Jun 5, 2012 karissa from trinidad and tobago wrote:
i love this poem
On Jun 5, 2012 alliyah from trinbago wrote:
its great i love it
On May 22, 2012 rustyTANK360 from Canada wrote:
hahahaha this poem is great i wish this actually was true so that you would pass instead of do it over lawl
On May 18, 2012 Dash from Canada wrote:
Lol, this poem is really funny, I had to read it over like 17 times it was so good!
On May 16, 2012 adnadsa rekkale from india wrote:
i luv it
On May 11, 2012 David Luo Chen from Honduras wrote:
At first I thought that it was not true, but when I read it all I felt so surprised that a teacher could eat a homework!
On May 4, 2012 ellice love from america wrote:
i love this poem. my teacher laughed so hard she started to cry
On Apr 30, 2012 adnan shahnawaz from united kingdom wrote:
On Apr 30, 2012 star from usa wrote:
love it i get it it is funny
On Apr 16, 2012 Rosali soriano from America wrote:
First i was like "why would a teacher eat a students home work" but at the end i was like "oh! Thats so funny!"
On Apr 12, 2012 britney liberty from canada wrote:
this poem is so funny and even for my teacher. When i read it to my teacher she laughed so hard that after she had a massive headache
On Apr 9, 2012 Noah from America wrote:
These poems are awesome.They are the funniest i've ever read
On Apr 9, 2012 Lucas from Union Grove,America wrote:
Kenn Nesbitts poems are awesome
On Apr 3, 2012 Adante from America wrote:
This is the funnies poem I' v read even my teacher liked It
On Mar 27, 2012 Awesome from sauce wrote:
Cool lol
On Mar 23, 2012 llisel c. from pasco.wa wrote:
Thats funny when when the tichear ate the homework of the kid.
On Mar 23, 2012 electra elizabeth from northern irealand belfast wrote:
i wish my teacher could do that.that would be the dream your poem was excellent :D smiley face
On Mar 23, 2012 julissa from pasco ,wa wrote:
is funny
On Mar 23, 2012 Diana Castillo from USA,PASCO WA wrote:
I thought this poem was hilarious
On Mar 13, 2012 terrance flowers from alabama wrote:
i like these pom we need
On Mar 12, 2012 kaleigh from U.S wrote:
this was so funny even my mom laughed
On Mar 12, 2012 rose from reading wrote:
this poem is nice it's wonderfull xxx
On Feb 6, 2012 tracyedwards from America wrote:
On Feb 2, 2012 AWW FROM SOMEWHERE from USA wrote:
I like it
On Feb 1, 2012 tiffany from zimbabwe wrote:
this poem made me and my brother laugh so hard that tears came out
On Jan 30, 2012 Gouke from U.S.A wrote:
I loved this poem espcilly the part when the teacher ate the homework ,I would recommend this poem to anyone who is looking for a poem that will make you laugh out loud
On Jan 30, 2012 lidya from USA wrote:
funny one it will be cool if my teacher ate my homework because i do not have to do it ! yea!
On Jan 21, 2012 Nathan from Somewhere wrote:
On Jan 19, 2012 gabriella green from england wrote:
I loved the poem. I couldnt stop laughing
On Dec 16, 2011 cortez31 from az. wrote:
wow this poem really cracks me up it makes me and my friends laugh my teacher now wants to eat my homework hu... how funny is that
On Dec 13, 2011 Savannah from USA wrote:
I love this poem so very much, so does my teacher!
On Nov 14, 2011 skittles from U.S.A wrote:
On Oct 29, 2011 sfdg from india wrote:
On Sep 14, 2011 pradyumna from india wrote:
awesome poem !
On May 3, 2011 abdul basut from pakistan wrote:
awesome poem
On Nov 2, 2010 navaira from pakistan wrote:
best poem it...
On Aug 15, 2010 sano the best from uae wrote:
too short but wonderful!
On Jul 8, 2010 Chetan from India wrote:
What a hilarious poem!! Are there any more verses in it?
On Apr 30, 2010 Tyl Rocks from United States wrote:
I loved it. My teacher from my school read this poem, in a poetry slam today. I couldn't help but look it up myself. The structure is great. I loved how it seemed like a report before the last line in the last stanza! :D
On Mar 23, 2010 rokin-ace from united states wrote:
halirous yo that was awsome it would be funny if my teacher ate my homework and lied about it lol
On Mar 15, 2010 gemma is the best from australia wrote:
great poem i absolutely loved it
On Oct 25, 2009 Jasmin from China wrote:
I loved the poem! It made me laugh a lot when I first read it. It's very smart. I am adapting it for my poetry contest at school! My brother is also using it for his poetry assembly at school, too!
On Jun 14, 2009 laughter from funnyland wrote:
Thats was the funniest poem i have ever heard. i think i will share it in my funnyland school!
On May 8, 2009 javkjack from somewhere wrote:
That was woww i wish that is how my teacher graded my papers
On May 8, 2009 alison from nc wrote:
that so cool wish my teacher mrs.p would do that!that would b so funny my class would love it if our teacher did that 2 every time of work!!
On May 4, 2009 lauren dawson from england wrote:
omg omg omg i loved this poemm it was like wooow
On May 4, 2009 Taryona from usa wrote:
On May 3, 2009 Cecilia from Montreal wrote:
I LOVE IT!!!!!!
On Apr 30, 2009 Icemike from AwpIndia wrote:
That was a pretty funny peom lol
On Apr 27, 2009 Amelia from USA wrote:
That was absoulutly TERRIFIC!!! It was the best poem I ever saw!!! That was #1!!! That was 100%!!! * AWSOME*
On Apr 27, 2009 Eleanora from USA wrote:
O.M.G. this is so funny! lol lol lol lol lol i love this poem!
On Apr 26, 2009 Cody from America wrote:
On Apr 26, 2009 sandy from yemen wrote:
this was a really funny poem i give it a 100%
On Apr 26, 2009 keemaya gadgil from india wrote:
i love it cause first it makes you suspicious about how can it happen and then when he say it was a cooking class my god i burst out of laughter !
On Apr 26, 2009 Amber from U.S.A wrote:
On Mar 11, 2009 jdog from mexico wrote:
fricken the best poem EVER YGDVP
On May 5, 2008 Angel1 from U.S.A wrote:
It was sooooooooo awful!!!!!!!...... Just kidding it was awsome and wierd in a good way!!! PEACE
On Apr 23, 2008 Waffles from ... wrote:
f is for FRIENDS
On Jan 15, 2008 lisa from england wrote:
the end spoils it really even though the whole class asked to act it
On Jan 15, 2008 Sienna C. from U.S.A wrote:
I really, really like this poem because it makes me laugh. Id give it a score of 100% of one of the cutest in the class. I also like the rhyming, Its what makes it so great. But what I like the most Is that he ate it like a peace of toast.
On Jan 10, 2008 Saber from Canada wrote:
I really like how you make twists in the ends of poems, just like this one!
On Jan 7, 2008 Carson + Drew from U.S.A wrote:
i thought it was kind of strange.It seems weird.
On Feb 27, 2006 A-Lay from Mexico wrote:
Hola! Si! This poem is AWESOME!! I showed allamigoes it and they loves it too! Gracias poetry for kids!!
On Feb 27, 2006 Gorge Jumbaila from love contient wrote:
ello i love this poem !!!!
On Feb 27, 2006 Sir Edmond The Fifth from England wrote:
This poem was quite lovely and pleasant. I personally think it brings out the elegance of this wonderful site on the world wide web. I currently showed it to my assitant, Clarice, and she simply adored it. Thank you all so much.
On Feb 27, 2006 Thayamie Figueroa from u.s.a wrote:
poems are fun but this one is super funny if i had to read it a million times i would if it was the only poem i wouldnt care
On Feb 27, 2006 ra ra from england wrote:
dat iz funny id larf if dat happend 2 me lol
On Feb 26, 2006 Lulu from USA wrote:
I love this poem it is sooo good....i am such a nerd I read poems everyday!!This poem is really good. I wish that I made up this poem. I have read so many of Kenn Nisbett's poems. I LOVE THEM!!! Another one of Kenn Nisbett's poems that I LOVE is, "I Love Myself!" It is soooo good. That is another poem that I wish I made up! I Love Kenn Nisbett's Poems, Lulu
On Feb 25, 2006 Ashley A from USA wrote:
I love this poem
On Feb 24, 2006 Angello from Canada wrote:
Cooll Dude!!!!!
On Feb 24, 2006 katie from northamerica wrote:
On Feb 24, 2006 Brooke from New York wrote:
tht would be really weird if a teacher ate your real homework for spelling or something!
On Feb 22, 2006 Tyler from USA wrote:
Dude that sounds like my English teacher. GREAT JOB
On Feb 22, 2006 pointy from uk wrote:
it was borin reeli borin
On Feb 19, 2006 zak7007 from England wrote:
WOW, I thought that was a great poem,I an using it for my grading on poetry, when i found out i was in it, my frined (for a joke) told me it was a dance contest,I am using this poem. Thanks!
On Feb 19, 2006 Chris from USA wrote:
WOW thats odd
On Feb 18, 2006 RYAN from USA wrote:
WOW... You got me going for a sec! HAHAHA!
On Feb 15, 2006 justin from newlondon wrote:
it was good
On Feb 15, 2006 Michelle from USA wrote:
That was the best poem I ever heard! I'm showing it to my teacher! You should be an author.I wish I could write a poem like that!!!
On Feb 15, 2006 Nick from USA wrote:
That was very funny. Im using this poem for my homework!
On Feb 12, 2006 zoey from california wrote:
i quite liked this one because when i started at the begining i was like what a weird poem, but i kept on carrying on and at the end i found out ,for those who have not read this poem i say read it now.
On Feb 12, 2006 noma from philippines wrote:
hey today's a sad day for me but you lightened it up. I thought the teacher was a dog it turned out it's a cooking class. To the author ROCK ON!!!!! harharhar...
On Feb 7, 2006 Brandon from U.S.A wrote:
Dude, that was totally Narly!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!
On Feb 6, 2006 Robert Percy from Sanderstead ,England wrote:
The best kid's poem iv'e ever read! 10 out of 10!
On Feb 6, 2006 samreena from U.A.E. wrote:
it was awesome!!!!its the nicest poem i hav e read!! ;
On Feb 5, 2006 Wendy from U.S.A wrote:
I like it(funny)
On Feb 4, 2006 Maria from USA wrote:
On Feb 4, 2006 Monica from New Zealand wrote:
what a great poem!! Keep up the great work =)
On Feb 4, 2006 goerge usher from washington dc wrote:
this poem is really silly and pointless
On Feb 3, 2006 Asia from Oklahoma wrote:
That poem was a real shocker!!!
On Feb 3, 2006 kristopher from usa wrote:
I really loved My Teacher Ate My Homework
On Feb 3, 2006 kris from usa wrote:
I really loved My Teacher Ate My Homework
On Feb 3, 2006 Miles from hongkong wrote:
I hated that poem
On Feb 3, 2006 lanie k warner from north america wrote:
silly ha,ha,ha,ha,ha
On Feb 3, 2006 Rebekah from USA wrote:
very funny Ha Ha He He
On Feb 1, 2006 anita from ireland wrote:
i thought this poem was cool. i chose it for my assessment!!
On Jan 28, 2006 vicki from usa wrote:
good! the ending makes me hungry!
On Jan 27, 2006 Emily from Devon wrote:
The poem was funny and i wish that happened to me at school. The teachers eating my homework. HaHaHa
On Jan 25, 2006 Ted from Iran wrote:
On Jan 23, 2006 Melissa Noble from England wrote:
On Jan 22, 2006 Molly from USA wrote:
That poem was really good !! I loved it! You write really good poems. You are great!! And write more funny poems!! and love poems too!
On Jan 21, 2006 Ffion from uk wrote:
Very funny I want a cooking lesson like ye.......!
On Jan 17, 2006 hannah from london wrote:
it is very amusing it made me laugh and it will make my class laugh
On Jan 12, 2006 rara from united states wrote:
You do an excellent job. Don't let the comments of others put you down. This was a really good poem. You have a natural talent. Keep up the good work.
On Jan 12, 2006 Jessica from England wrote:
that wasn't good it was brill
On Jan 11, 2006 anonymous from China wrote:
it good
On Jan 11, 2006 Zap94 from korea wrote:
you are a good..I mean fine...I mean great poem maker! I hope my teacher give us cooking homework...^o^
On Jan 10, 2006 shae from canada wrote:
this is a great poem but it really is not good
On Jan 7, 2006 anna from usa wrote:
On Jan 6, 2006 avanika from india wrote:
cool, i really wish all my teachers would eat my copies then i won't have to write or do my hw!!!!!!
On Jan 5, 2006 Emilie from USA wrote:
LOVE IT!!!!:)
On Jan 4, 2006 Lexi Swenon from U.S.A wrote:
I wish my teacher would eat my home so i wouldn't have to do it!
On Jan 4, 2006 thomas from U.S.A wrote:
this poem rocks out loud man if i was the president i would nominate u or somethin' keep writin'
On Jan 3, 2006 Tanner from USA wrote:
I wish my teacher was that nice because if I did bad she would eat it so I don't get a bad grad.
On Dec 19, 2005 Kiran from England wrote:
extremely funny very good for children to read
On Dec 18, 2005 Claire from AU wrote:
Great punch line! Quite funny!
On Dec 18, 2005 maya pedersen from usa wrote:
i thought that was a good poem you made it so the reader would have to read to figure out what would happen i really liked it
On Dec 18, 2005 Paige from england wrote:
oh thats way funny i get it he was taking a cooking class thats why he sniffed and eat it very cool and i give it a 10/10
On Dec 17, 2005 Mikayla Hintz from United States wrote:
that was really cool! but it wasn't as funny as i thout it would should make a poem that makes fun of people [blondes, geeks, ect.].
On Dec 17, 2005 Gusto from france wrote:
I sought diz poem was sad
On Dec 16, 2005 Kary from Canada wrote:
Wow! I didnt know teachers ate homework. I'll tell that to my teacher, mabe she'll grade me like that!lol! (p.s. ya I know, this is'nt a very good comment. Is it?
On Dec 16, 2005 katelyn from united states wrote:
i dont think that was funny
On Dec 15, 2005 megan cogdell from rutherford wrote:
That was a funny poem at first i thought oh no a teacher eating paper then you said cooking class!
On Dec 15, 2005 Sadie from USA wrote:
I think it is unusaly funny!
On Dec 13, 2005 Caroline from Germany wrote:
That was truly scrumptious! I really could sink my teeth into it!!
On Dec 13, 2005 Corey Dickson from USA wrote:
It was hallarious! my brother used it for his poem book and his teacher got a kick out of it!
On Dec 13, 2005 rowan from wa. wrote:
I loved it my mom takes food class so that makes it funnyer
On Dec 13, 2005 A GIRL from USA wrote:
On Dec 13, 2005 HELEN from GERMANY wrote:
On Dec 12, 2005 karan from India wrote:
Ha!Ha!Ha!I am going to take this poem to my elocution class in school.
On Dec 11, 2005 Harris M from england wrote:
this is a wkd poem it makes my lips rumble and my legs tumble
On Dec 10, 2005 julie from usa wrote:
That poem was delicious!
On Dec 9, 2005 Rhea from India wrote:
Excellent poem!
On Dec 9, 2005 Lindsay from New York wrote:
TASTY!!!!! excelent poem..........wish that would happen!!
On Dec 8, 2005 william from honokaa wrote:
I wish my teacher would actually eat my home work
On Dec 8, 2005 Drishti from Canada wrote:
This poem made me fall on the floor so I chose it for my school Assingment
On Dec 7, 2005 Chloe from England wrote:
I love this poem soo much! Very good! I give it a A+!! Get it?
On Dec 7, 2005 SAMANTHA from ENGLAND wrote:
On Dec 7, 2005 louis from england wrote:
ive had years which have gone longer
On Dec 7, 2005 Jacob from Canada wrote:
This Poem was aswome and very funny.
On Dec 7, 2005 Seth from Canada wrote:
This Poem was aswome and very funny. I,m going to show it to my friend.
On Dec 7, 2005 Christian from Norway wrote:
This poem was great. I dicided to put it into my poem thing at school!!
On Dec 6, 2005 Angela from USA wrote:
This poem was awsome and very funny too!
On Dec 6, 2005 Debbie Luong from California wrote:
This poem is great!I'm deciding to use this poem for my presentation!!!!!!!!!
On Dec 6, 2005 Kendra from USA wrote:
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!
On Dec 6, 2005 Shazbot from USA wrote:
I should have seen the punchline coming, but didn't. At first I was thinking the teacher was a dog. Ha! Another gem.
On Dec 6, 2005 colin from usa wrote:
this poem is awesome
On Dec 6, 2005 francis CORDAWAY from U.S.A wrote:
I love this poem.

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