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Comments for 'Brody the Emoticon'

On Feb 25, 2016 Jesse Zhang from New Zealand wrote:
:| :D >.:( 8)
On Jan 13, 2014 Emily from United States wrote:
Wow, this one really made me laugh, especially at the end! I encourage my students to write like you and base my literacy lessons off this one funny poem... Rhymes can surprise you! Keep writing this awesome stories.
On Oct 3, 2013 Edna Fooden from Dubai wrote:
I love this poem great job on this one Kenn!!!
On Feb 20, 2013 Sunshine from USA wrote:
hahaha. funny
On Feb 20, 2013 Sue Malliehoo from Zimbobwae wrote:
On Feb 16, 2013 hailey from usa wrote:
On Feb 16, 2013 yasmin from uae(dubai) wrote:
this poem gives the reader a chance to think.
On Feb 13, 2013 Katniss Everdeen from District 12-Panem wrote:
Awesome! Lol
On Feb 12, 2013 Dylan from USA wrote:
awesome :p
On Feb 12, 2013 Harry Potter from Hogwarts wrote:
Magic is cool
On Feb 6, 2013 Anonymous from USA wrote:
This is a good one :D
On Feb 1, 2013 grace from usa wrote:
LOL That's a good one...
On Jan 31, 2013 tyannypaladines from conneticut wrote:
omg that is so funny lol . .
On Jan 31, 2013 lele from usa wrote:
i really like this one very interesting.
On Jan 28, 2013 J o O from Lebanon wrote:
Very interesting
On Jan 17, 2013 Sean from England wrote:
This poem will get more famouse and become a classic! ;-)
On Jan 15, 2013 Pie from You Gus's wrote:
I love it :)
On Dec 18, 2012 Jessie from UK wrote:
So funny love all the :)
On Dec 12, 2012 ELA from USA wrote:
On Dec 9, 2012 123barbara123 from england wrote:
On Dec 7, 2012 Volleyball Star from US wrote:
I love all the smiley faces in that poem I also always do those on my cell phone whenever I am texting 1 of my friends!
On Dec 7, 2012 nana from !!!!!!! wrote:
brody is the funnyest yet he is awesome i LOVE this poem
On Dec 7, 2012 griffin from united states wrote:
loved it i am a boy but i still like it
On Dec 6, 2012 Bridghid from America wrote:
I laughed so very hard! Thank you this is great! :-)
On Dec 6, 2012 Rosie from Dublin,Ireland wrote:
Thank you! This was very funny
On Dec 5, 2012 Armonti from unitedstates wrote:
i love these poems they inspire me alot....
On Dec 5, 2012 Tyne from us wrote:
i like the poems
On Dec 3, 2012 courtney from England,hudderfeild wrote:
i love kenn nessbit's poems. it has inspired me allot and i am looking forward to reading many many more of his gob-smacking , gaw dropping poems!
On Dec 3, 2012 Fay from England wrote:
I liked the use of :-),:-(,;-),:-*,:-o and :-p.It was funny and cool if u look at it sideways!LOL!
On Nov 30, 2012 charles from great brittan wrote:
lol i love this poem especially the funny rhyming and the emotions. i will need to read this one, a few more times!
On Nov 30, 2012 shamas from ingland wrote:
i want to read you poem and i cant wait to read you poem
On Nov 30, 2012 Isobel Smith from England Bradford wrote:
This is probs the best poem I've ever read and I have read all the poems on this site ! LOL.
On Nov 30, 2012 george from england wrote:
omg loved it,loved the smiley faces and the rhyming,also the similies ;-]
On Nov 28, 2012 mary from u.s.a wrote:
this is a great poem for kids great job kenn nesbitts
On Nov 27, 2012 Lillian Jean Simms from UK 4th Stilk Dr. 657 01623 wrote:
I simply adore this piece of writing. It had me guffaw at the pleasant rhyming choices and the typed faces. Good work Kenn Nesbit.
On Nov 27, 2012 zainab Siddique from calgary wrote:
On Nov 27, 2012 cocopopla dfvgbhunj from azwesxtfvgbn wrote:
great! love it
On Nov 19, 2012 Hermione from WA wrote:
So Funny I Can't Stop Adding The Beat. LOL!
On Nov 18, 2012 Fionn youell from Ireland wrote:
On Nov 17, 2012 be quite from south c wrote:
i like this
On Nov 14, 2012 Naomi Eastwood from WA wrote:
I love this poem it makes me laugh.
On Nov 14, 2012 Journey Morrison from United States wrote:
On Nov 14, 2012 megam from us wrote:
i love this!

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Riken wrote
This a wonderful poem i think its great for helping you for homework.
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Areeba Nadeem wrote
My Mom's Spaghetti
Ditlha wrote
I think that mom sould make a better desegen.
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