My Dad's a Secret Agent

From the book The Aliens Have Landed at Our School!

My dad's a secret agent.
He's an undercover spy.
He's the world's best detective.
He's the perfect private eye.

He's a Pinkerton, a gumshoe,
He's a snoop and he's a sleuth.
He's unrivaled at detecting
and uncovering the truth.

He's got eyesight like an eagle.
He's got hearing like a bat.
He can out-smell any bloodhound.
He's as stealthy as a cat.

He can locate nearly anything
with elementary ease.
But no matter how he looks and looks
my dad can't find his keys!

--Kenn Nesbitt


Copyright © 2001 Kenn Nesbitt. All Rights Reserved.

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This poem appears in the book
The Aliens Have Landed at Our School!


On Jun 23, 2013 Immanuel aka best footballer from ENGLAND wrote:
my teacher taught about this poem so i'm going to confront her
On Apr 3, 2013 Tim from England wrote:
Well constructed :D
On Jan 22, 2012 Patricia Kainth from England wrote:
I like this poem and the children in my school that includes me said it out loud and we're in year 6!
On Oct 14, 2011 Khushi from india wrote:
my teacher taught me this poem in the class
On Jun 21, 2011 Cheryl from USA wrote:
Thanks for sharing a great poem. We are making Key hooks as a father's day gift with our boy scouts and this is a perfect poem to go along with it.

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