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Questions About Kenn

Frequently asked question about children's author Kenn Nesbitt.

Are you rich?

I’m afraid not. It’s pretty hard to get rich writing poetry. I’m more of a “starving artist.” I’m not actually starving, but I have to work pretty hard at this to support myself and my family.

Can you help me get my poems published?

I am an author, and not a publisher, editor, or literary agent, so I can’t personally help you get published. However, I can recommend the following resources:

If you have written poems that you would like to have published, click here here for a list of places where kids can get their poems published online.

If you would like to get your poems published by a traditional children’s book publisher, I recommend the following resources:

Also, for most prospective children’s poets, I recommend you read a good book on meter, such as this one:

Can you visit my school?

I visit schools all over the country, and I would love to visit your school, but in order to do so I must be invited by someone who works at the school, such as a teacher, librarian or principal.

If you would like your school to invite me to visit, please let your teacher, librarian or principal know about my website, and encourage them to visit the School Visits page for information about my assemblies, workshops and other programs.

Can you write a poem for me?

I’m sorry, but I can’t write poems on request. My schedule is always very full, and sometimes it is difficult just finding the time to write new poems to post on the website.

I recommend you read the Poetry Lessons section of the website to learn how to write your own poems.

Did you have any jobs before becoming a poet?

Yes. Before I became a poet I was a computer software developer. At the time that I wrote my first funny kid’s poem, I was working for Microsoft. I worked there for two years, from 1992-1994. After that I was self-employed, creating Internet software and other programs. Now I am a full-time poet.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yes. I am the middle child of three boys, so I have an older brother and a younger brother. My older brother’s name is Ross and my younger brother is Danny.

Do you have any hobbies?

Not exactly. Because I have two children at home, and because I write books, manage this website, and visit schools all over the country, I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies. However, I do enjoy going to the movies every once in a while when I find myself with some free time. I also enjoy cooking. But I’m not sure that cooking and going to the movies count as hobbies.

Have your poems won any awards?

My poems have not won any awards that I know of, but I won the most prestigious award in children’s poetry, the Children’s Poet Laureate award (now called the Young People’s Poet Laureate), in 2013. This award is given every two years by the Poetry Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting poetry in American life.

I’m writing a report about Kenn Nesbitt. Where can I find biographical information?

You can find biographical information about me on my Biography page. You can also find links to several interviews with Kenn Nesbitt in the links section. If you have any questions that are not answered there, please feel free to send me and email and I will be happy to answer whatever other questions you might have.

What is your favorite poem that you have written?

I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a favorite poem. I have written so many hundreds of poems that it would be impossible to pick just one as my favorite.

I do like some poems more than others, though. For example, while most kids seem to like my poems that involve bodily functions, such as Swimming Ool, I tend to prefer poems that are more imaginative and impossible, such as I Dreamed I Was Riding a Zebra, and tongue twisters such as Shelley Sellers.

What was your greatest influence to begin writing children’s poetry and books?

My first children’s poem — Scrawny Tawny Skinner — was written in 1994 after having dinner with a friend whose 4-year-old daughter did everything she could to get out of eating her dinner. That evening, after hearing a recording of Shel Silverstein reading his poem “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout,” I decided to try my hand at writing a poem like that.

Later I was influenced to keep writing when I read Jack Prelutsky’s book Something Big Has Been Here. I was so impressed by his poetry that I decided to try to become equally skilled and writing funny poems.

I have also been influenced by the works of Ogden Nash, Dennis Lee, Bruce Lansky, and many other humorous poets who write for children.

Where did you go to school?

I went to John Muir Elementary School in Fresno, California from Kindergarten through third grade. For fourth through sixth grades I attended Kirk Elementary School, also in Fresno.

In 1973 my family moved to San Diego, California, where I attended Pacific Beach Junior High School, followed by Mission Bay High School and La Jolla High School.

I took classes at San Diego Community Colleges before attending National University, where I majored in Computer Science.

Where do you get your ideas?

My ideas for poems come from many different places, including:

  • Things I see around me
  • Things that happen to me
  • Places I go
  • Things I like
  • Things I don’t like
  • Things from my imagination

If you would like to see how you can come up with your own ideas for poems, try reading some of the poetry-writing lessons on this site.

Which book is this poem from?

Not all of the poems on this website have appeared in books, and many of them never will. I post poems to the website as I write them. It takes a long time to publish a book, so it may be a couple of years before a given poem appears in a book.

If a poem on the website has been published in a book, the book title — and a link to more information about the book — will appear right below the poem. If there is no such link, that means the poem has not yet been published.

If you need a poem for a recitation contest, but the poem must have been published in a book, please have a look at the Books section of my website for more information about my books, including online ordering.

Why do you write poetry?

I guess I have this strange notion that anyone can change the world if they really want to. Even you. Even me.

I know it always makes me feel good when I read a funny poem or hear a funny song. So, in my own small way, I’m trying to do my part to help people laugh, and just maybe make the world a happier place.

Questions About this Website

Frequently asked questions about

Can you publish my poem on

I don’t publish other poets’ work on this website, but I maintain a list of places where you can publish your poems here.

I saw something inappropriate on What should I do?

I work very hard to ensure that everything that appears on is family-friendly and kid-appropriate. However, if you are offended by something I wrote or if you come across an questionable ad on the website, I hope you will take the time to let me know about it.

For more information about the website’s privacy and advertising policies, please read the Privacy Policy page.

School Visit Questions

Frequently asked questions about Kenn Nesbitt's school author visit programs.

Can I return unsold books after the event?

Absolutely. If you purchase your books from me, simply ship any unsold books back to me after the event.

Can I use your poems in my classroom?

When you book a visit, I will send you a prep kit that includes a copy of one of my books, among other things. You are welcome to use the poems from my books and website in your classroom activities. You may photocopy them, enlarge them, illustrate them, or do just about anything you like with them to help prepare for my visit.

Can you autograph books before sending them to us?

Unfortunately, no. The books you order will be shipped to you directly from the publishers, which prevents me from signing them ahead of time.

Can you do an all-school assembly?

I recommend separate assemblies for primary and intermediate students. The writing lesson I do with primary grades is simpler than what I do with older kids. If your school is only primary or only intermediate, I can do an all-school assembly. In a K-5 or K-6 school, I can do an all-school assembly, but I have to leave out the writing portion of the program.

Can you do writing workshops for our students?

Yes. My assembly programs have a large writing component. Typically half of the assembly is spent writing with the students. If you would like to schedule a separate writing workshop for your students as well, I always enjoy working with smaller groups of students in grades 4-5 (no more than 70) in a workshop setting after they have seen the assembly.

Can you visit our school for a half-day or a single program?

You are welcome to share the day and split the cost with another school in your area. In addition, if I am already planning to be in your area, I may be able to visit your school for a half day. However, it is cost-prohibitive for me to travel for less than a full-day visit.

For a less expensive alternative to in-person author visits, please consider arranging an online author visit.

Do we need to make your travel reservations, or do you do that yourself?

Typically, I make my own travel reservations. However, if you would like to recommend a hotel I should stay at, that would be helpful.

Do you require payment in advance or a deposit?

I do not generally require a deposit or payment in advance. However, please keep in mind that I do pay for my travel expenses ahead of time, so timely payment is appreciated. It is customary to provide a check by the end of the day of my visit. If your district is unable to cut a check until after my visit, please send it as soon afterward as you can.

How many programs can you do in a day?

I can do up to four programs plus an autographing session during the school day. If you like, I can also do an after-school workshop or evening family program for an extra fee. Book signing does not count as a session.

How much are your travel expenses?

Travel expenses are divided between all schools visited on a given trip and are capped at $400/day. So, for example, even if it costs me $800 to get there, I won’t invoice you for more than $400 for travel. I always do my best to book additional schools. If I am able to schedule at least three days on a given trip, your cost for travel should be less than $400.

How much do you charge for an author visit?

Please contact me for information about my fees.

What ages do you speak to?

I speak to groups of any age, from preschool through adult. Most of my presentations are in elementary schools, but I regularly visit middle and high schools as well. For adults, I also provide teacher in-service workshops, evening family programs, and conference presentations.

What do you need us to provide for your presentations?

In most cases, I will need you to provide the following:

  • A 6- or 8-foot folding table
  • A dry erase whiteboard with several colors of markers and an eraser. The board does not need to be large — an easel is fine — but it should be at adult height, not a children’s easel.
  • A bottle or glass of water

I will bring everything else I need with me.

What size of group do you prefer?

In assemblies, I can work with groups of any size, limited only by the space you have available. My writing workshops are only for smaller groups of no more than 70 students. When working with elementary students, I prefer to present to primary students separately from intermediate students so that my program can be tailored to the age of the children.

When will you be in my area?

You can see what cities I will be visiting by checking my appearance schedule. If your city or state is not yet on my calendar, please contact me by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

If you would like me to notify you when I am coming to your city or state, please let me know and I will be happy to do so.

Why are the prices different on the Student and School Book Order Forms?

I offer a 20% discount and free shipping on all books to allow your PTA or library to treat the book sale as a fund-raiser. The Student Book Order Form lists the full prices of the books. The School Book Order Form is for you to aggregate your students orders, and reflects the discounted price, allowing you to earn a few dollars on each book sold.