poem length: Medium

These poems are between 13-31 lines long.

My Cat Knows Karate
My Flat Cat
My Flat Cat
April Fool’s Day
Good Morning, Dear Students
My Virtual Puppy
I Bought a Maserati
Online Is Fine by Kenn Nesbitt
Online Is Fine
I Think My Dad Is Dracula
Our Teacher Likes Minecraft
When the Teacher Isn’t Looking
I Can't Wait for Summer
I Can’t Wait for Summer
Falling Asleep in Class
I Made a New Password
I Woke Up this Morning by Kenn Nesbitt
I Woke up this Morning
I Slipped on a Banana Peel
Our Dog’s Name is Roomba
Zoom Gloom by Kenn Nesbitt
Zoom Gloom
An Ogre Came over for Dinner
I Stuck My Finger Up My Nose
We Ate All the Cheetos
We Ate All the Cheetos
Peter Passed a Note Today
Today I Got a Valentine
My Teacher Took My iPod