poem length: Medium

These poems are between 13-31 lines long.

Melinda Made a Snowman
My Father Can’t Find Me
Sleeping Santa
My iPhone Did My Homework
Thank You, Thanksgiving
My Flat Cat
My Mother Drives Me Everywhere
Chocolate for Breakfast
An Ogre Came over for Dinner
A Goat in a Landfill
Funny language poem for kids by Kenn Nesbitt
I’ve Started Learning Honkish
What to Remember in School
Bob’s Job
When the Teacher Isn’t Looking
I Can’t Wait for Summer
I Stuck My Finger Up My Nose
I Stuck My Finger Up My Nose
Science Homework
Science Homework
Falling Asleep in Class
I Slipped on a Banana Peel
My Legs Both Understand Me
My Favorite Word is Floofy
Do You C What I C?
The Candy Cane Collector