poem length: Short

These are short poems, up to 12 lines in length.

I Ate a Clock
I Got a New Laptop for Christmas
On Halloween Night
My Dog Likes to Dig
I Washed Our Dad’s Car
My Toes and My Nose
Examine any Fire Hydrant
I Didn’t Do It
Spring Is Here!
Everything We Learn at School
I Have a Bunch of Batteries
I Made a Wish
I Made Myself a Sandwich
My Ugly Pug
My Dog’s Name Is “Cat”
Our Teacher’s a Hippie
To B or Not to B
The Cough
Instructions for Painting a Self-Portrait
I Got Some Hot Sauce in My Eye
I Rode a Rainbow Unicorn
My Favorite Food Is Broccoli
I Tried to Ride a Skateboard
I Miss My Sister