poem length: Short

These are short poems, up to 12 lines in length.

Class Gas
Candy Love
Home for the Day
The Tighty-Whitey Spider
I Ate a Clock
Alphabet Break by Kenn Nesbitt
Alphabet Break
My Pig Won’t Let Me Watch TV
My Toes and My Nose
Morning Sports
My Project for the Science Fair
My Robot Does My Homework
My Ugly Pug
My Favorite Food Is Broccoli
Fernando the Fearless
I Ran for the Chapstick
I Saw a Sloth Play Soccer
My Cat Goes Flying Through the Air
I Didn’t Do It
Autumn Is the Time of Year
Imaginary Friend
I Got Some Hot Sauce in My Eye
I Listen to My Chicken
Sing a Silly Dancing Song by Kenn Nesbitt
Sing a Silly Dancing Song