A Hippo Is Bounding around on My Head

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A hippo is bounding around on my head.
Gorillas are banging on drums.
A rhino is charging me full speed ahead
while a crocodile’s eyeing my thumbs.

A rattlesnake’s winding his way up my side.
A tiger is sniffing my clothes.
A grizzly just grabbed me, his mouth open wide.
A tarantula’s perched on my nose.

I’m drowning, surrounded by man-eating sharks.
An elephant sits on my chest.
Yes, that’s how it feels when the teacher remarks,
“Grab your pencils. It’s time for the test.”

 — Kenn Nesbitt

Copyright © 2005. All Rights Reserved.

Reading Level: Grade 2

Topics: Animal Poems, School Poems

Poetic Techniques: Alliteration, Assonance, Dialogue, Imagery, Lyric & Dramatic Poems, Onomatopoeia


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