poetic device: Assonance

Assonance is when nearby words share the same vowel sounds, especially on their stressed (or accented) syllables, such as “tiny dinosaur” (which share a long “i” sound) or “random hat” (which share a short “a” sound).

These poems all include at least one instance of assonance. See if you can the assonant words in these poems.

My Turtle Is the Sporting Sort
Beavers In the Bathroom
Polar Bowling
I Saw a Sloth Play Soccer
That Explains It!
An Awesome Opposum
Whenever Yaks Play Basketball
Toby the Snowboarding Doberman
When Rattlesnakes Wear Roller Skates
At Hamster Sam’s Rodeo
Has Anyone Seen My Chameleon?
My Chicken’s On the Internet
Katy Ate a Crate of Dates
My Sister Kisses Thistles
I’m Clever Whenever
My Puppy Punched Me In the Eye
This Morning Is Our History Test
Michael the Psychic
A Hippo Is Bounding around on My Head
Bouncing Brianna
Larry the Librarian
Penny Parker’s Pencil
What I Told Mrs. Morris When She Asked How I Was Feeling Today
Dog poem for kids by Kenn Nesbitt
My Dog Is Not the Smartest Dog