poetic device: Lyric & Dramatic Poems

Lyric poems, not to be confused with song lyrics, are poems in which the poet expresses his or her emotions or feelings. This is as opposed to narrative poetry, which tells a story, or descriptive poetry. which gives a detailed description of something or someone.

Dramatic poems are lyric poems that are meant to be read aloud to express the feelings and emotions of the reader.

Can you figure out what emotions the narrator is expressing in each of these lyric poems? Try reading some of these poems out loud to see if you share their emotions.

Summer Poem School Poem
I Can’t Wait for Summer
Homework, I Love You
I’m Lonely, So Lonely
I Can’t Get Enough of this Pok√©mon Go
Olympic Granny
Dear Summer
Today Is the Day
Xbox, Xbox
Porcupine Valentine
The Armpit of Doom
Potluck Christmas
I Never Want to Go to Bed