poetic device: Narrative Poems

Narrative poems are poems that tell a story. It doesn’t have to be a long or complex story. It can even be a short narrative poem that describes something that happened.

Narrative poems are one of the main poetic styles. Others include lyric poems, which describe the narrator’s emotions or feelings, and descriptive poems, which give a detailed description of a person, an object, or an event.

Each of these poems tell a story. Some are short and some are long, while most are somewhere in the middle, but all of them are fun.

Pimple Problem
The Cough
Olympic Granny
I Rode a Rainbow Unicorn
I Tried to Do My Homework
I Had a Little Secret
I Tried to Ride a Skateboard
Emilio, Emilio
I Went to the Gym
I Tried to Take a Selfie
Transportation Vacation
This Winter I Went Sledding
My Baby Brother’s Birthday
My Puppy Ate My Earbuds
My Family’s Fond of Gadgets
The Biggest Burp Ever
What a Ham
Betty Met a Yeti
I Love to Do the Laundry
A Valentine for Mom
Mr. Yes and Mr. No
Roses are Red
December I Went Shopping
Cookies for Santa