poetic device: Rhyme Schemes

Most of my poems rhyme and have regular rhyme schemes, such as AABB, ABAB, or ABCB. But even I get tired of rhyming every line or every other line.

These poems have rhyme schemes that are more complex or interesting. They might be AABBA, AAAB CCCB, or something else. And many of them include internal rhymes throughout to make them more fun to read.

If you enjoy more complex and interesting ways of rhyming, read this lesson plan and see if you can identify the rhyme schemes in these poems.

The Games in My Room
My Flat Cat
My Puppy Punched Me In the Eye
An Ogre Came over for Dinner
Running Late
My Brother Ate My Smartphone
I Can’t Get Enough of this Pokémon Go
Nathaniel Naste
Our Teacher’s a Hippie
The Cough
Love Sick
I’m Clever Whenever
This Poem’s Not About a Dog
I Washed Our Dad’s Car
Belinda Bell
Teacher, Teacher, How’s My Singing
Minecraft Mike
Oh My Darling, Valentine
The Biggest Burp Ever
I’ve Been Surfing Lots of Websites
My Brother’s a Bother
Backward Dan
Fernando the Fearless