publication: My Hippo Has the Hiccups

Poems from My Hippo Has the Hiccups.

My Robot Does My Homework
The Monster Mattress Superstore by Kenn Nesbitt
The Monster Mattress Superstore
I’m Absolutely Full Tonight
Alphabet Break by Kenn Nesbitt
Alphabet Break
I Built Myself a Time Machine
Mirror, Mirror
A Fish in a Spaceship
I Don’t Know What to Do Today
My Dog Likes to Disco
My Dog Is Not the Smartest Dog
I’m Building a Rocket
My Bunny Lies over My Doggy
My Parents Are Making Me Crazy
My Robot’s Misbehaving
My Elephant Thinks I’m Wonderful
I Dreamed that I Was Sound Asleep
My Father Looks Like Frankenstein by Kenn Nesbitt
My Father Looks Like Frankenstein
The Tiger and the Zebra
Juan and Tu by Kenn Nesbitt
Juan and Tu
If I Were the Principal
Steve the Superhero
My Elephant Is Missing
I Dreamed I Was Riding a Zebra
Meat Loaf