reading-level: Grade 4

Poems suitable for reading by 9-10 year olds.

The Aliens Have Landed!
My Father Looks Like Frankenstein
We’re Dragons of Leisure
Easily Distracted Bart
Everyone’s from Somewhere Else
Alex’s Allergy
If I Were the Principal
Chicken Pox Connect-the-Dots
I’m Practicing Telepathy
Underwater Sandwich
Cinderella, Soccer Player
1 Crazy Place
I Dreamed I Was Riding a Zebra
Vacation Frustration
Perfect Peter Paul
When Vegetables Are Angry
Ignore the Red Rhinoceros
Terrible Dream
My Personal Slave
My Frog Has Got a Steering Wheel
Levitating Lester
The Elephants Bounced
Digging a Tunnel to China
Chester Sylvester the Jester