Reading Level: Grade 1

Poems suitable for reading by 6-7 year olds.

Don’t Rat on a Mouse

Don’t badger a groundhog.
Don’t swallow a grouse.
Don’t bulldog a poodle.
Don’t rat on a mouse.

Don’t parrot a peacock.
Don’t buffalo moose.
Don’t hawk a flamingo
Don’t duck from a goose.

Don’t ferret out weasels.
Don’t crab at a shark.
Don’t hound a chihuahua.
Don’t crow at a lark.

Don’t ram an alpaca.
Don’t leech off a worm.
Don’t bat at a squirrel
and don’t bug a germ.

Don’t slug a sea snail.
Don’t tick off a louse.
Don’t ape a gorilla.
Don’t rat on a mouse.

Just take some advice
and remember this clue:
if you leave them alone
they won’t monkey with you!

I’ve Seen My Kitchen Sink

I’ve seen my kitchen sink.
I saw my garden rose.
I’m not sure why my eye drops
but I think my nostril knows.

I’ve had a root beer float.
I’ve watched a lemon drop.
I’ve listened to a ginger snap
and heard a soda pop.

I’ve seen a hot dog stand.
I saw a salad bowl.
I’ve even seen a pretzel twist
and watched a dinner roll.

I’ve seen a great home run.
I saw a big house fly.
I’ve even seen a barefoot race
and watched a bolo tie.

I’ve seen a long ski jump.
I’ve heard a loud bell hop.
I saw a birthday party
and I watched an antique shop.

I’ve seen a belly dance.
I’ve seen a quick fox trot.
I think that’s what my chain saw
but I’m sure my rope did knot.

My Mom’s Spaghetti


My mom makes disgusting spaghetti
with horseradish sauce and sardines.
She tops it with pickles and mustard,
bananas and barbecued beans.

She serves it for supper on Sunday.
On Monday we have it for lunch.
It’s breakfast on Tuesday and Wednesday.
By Thursday, you guessed it, it’s brunch.

I don’t like to hurt my mom’s feelings.
I said that I loved it. (I lied.)
I always gave mine to our doggy.
And that’s why our poor doggy died.

So next time you serve us spaghetti,
dear mother, don’t make it like that.
Please serve it with red sauce and meatballs,
and that way it won’t kill the cat.