Reading Level: Grade 1

Poems suitable for reading by 6-7 year olds.

My Favorite Food Is Broccoli


My favorite food is broccoli.
I eat it every day.
There isn’t any other food
that makes me feel this way.

It makes me feel so healthy.
It makes me look so cute.
But, mostly, I like broccoli
because it makes me toot.

My Smartphone Isn’t Very Smart

My smartphone isn’t very smart.
In fact, it’s rather dumb.
It’s dumber than a doorknob
or a piece of chewing gum.

It used to be so awesome,
but now my phone is lame.
It cannot surf the Internet.
It cannot play a game.

It can’t take any pictures.
It can’t install an app.
It can’t look up my email
or an address on a map.

It won’t play any music.
It cannot calculate.
It won’t bring up a calendar
to show the time or date.

It cannot send a message.
It cannot make a call.
It’s safe to say my smartphone
won’t do anything at all.

It wasn’t always like this.
Perhaps you’ll take a peek?
I don’t know why it acts like this.
I charged it just last week!

I Tried to Ride a Skateboard

I tried to ride a skateboard.
I fell and scraped my knee.
I tried to ride a bicycle.
I crashed into a tree.

I tried to ride a scooter.
I landed on my chin.
I tried to ride a unicycle;
lost a bit of skin.

I even tried a tricycle
but ran into a wall.
I’m happy in this wheelchair now.
I never fall at all.

Joe the Emoji

I’m Joe the Emoji.
I when I’m glad.
I when I’m angry.
I when I’m sad.

Whenever I’m silly
my goes like this.
I if I like you,
or blow you a .

I when I’m tired.
I when afraid.
I have the most flexible
ever made.

I hope that you me
and don’t think I’m rude.
I’m Joe the Emoji.
I’m one dude.

Hammering a Nail


Tommy saw a nail today.
He hit it with a hammer.
Everyone for miles around
heard him shriek and yammer.

Tommy saw a nail today.
And now he knows it’s dumb
to hammer on a nail that’s
connected to your thumb.

Opposite Day

It’s Opposite Day!
It’s Opposite Day!
The day to do things
in the opposite way.

I wear my pants backward.
My shirt’s inside out.
I scream to talk softly.
I whisper to shout.

I write with my foot and
I kick with my hand.
I stare with my eyes closed.
I sit down to stand.

I drink from a plate and
I eat from a cup.
I climb into bed when
it’s time to wake up.

I frown when I’m happy.
I smile when I’m sad.
I say, “I like liver,
but ice cream is bad.”

I claim that it’s dark
when it’s sunny and bright.
If something is black,
I insist that it’s white.

I stand still for dancing.
When running, I crawl.
So please understand:
I don’t like you at all.

Love Sick

I’m feeling sick.
My face is red.
I’m dazed and dizzy
in my head.
I think I need to
stay in bed
at least about a week.

My stomach’s tied
in awful knots.
I’m breaking out
with purple spots.
I’m seeing stars
and lots of dots.
I feel like I should shriek.

I don’t know what
to do or say.
I’d never ever
felt this way,
until today
when Anna-Kay
kissed me on the cheek.

I Went to the Gym

I went the the gym.
I lifted a weight.
My muscles got bigger.
It felt really great.
I hoisted another,
a heavier one.
I got even stronger.
I thought it was fun.
I wandered outside where
I bent a steel bar.
I pulled up a park bench
and carried a car.
I picked up a truck
and then set out to try
to boost a big building
I spotted nearby.
So now I’m in jail, with
my muscles to thank.
I probably shouldn’t have
held up that bank.

The Weather Is Perfect for Running


The weather is perfect for running.
I think that I’ll go for a jog.
Except I’m a little bit tired,
so maybe I’ll just walk the dog.

But he seems too hyper for walking.
He looks kind of hard to control.
So maybe I’ll leave him at home,
and go for a leisurely stroll.

But all of my socks are too dirty,
and all of my shoes are untied.
So maybe I’ll sit on the front porch.
Or maybe I’ll just stay inside.

I see that my kitten is purring,
and wants to curl up on my lap.
It wouldn’t be right to prevent her
from getting her afternoon nap.

It’s comfortable here on the sofa.
My pillows are cozy and deep.
The weather is perfect for running.
So that’s why I’m going to sleep.