Reading Level: Grade 1

Poems suitable for reading by 6-7 year olds.

Modern Popularity


I have a half a million friends.
I’m popular. It’s true!
I like them, each and every one,
and they all like me too.

I have more friends than anybody
else you’ve ever known.
It’s nice to have so many friends.
I never feel alone.

They come from countries near and far,
from countries large and little.
Afghanistan and Zambia
and places in the middle.

From Austria to Liechtenstein,
Zimbabwe to Nepal.
My friends are from so many countries
I can’t count them all.

I hope someday I’ll meet my friends.
You see, we’ve never met.
The only way I know them all
is on the Internet.

What a Trip!


I tripped on the sheets when I got out of bed.
I tripped on my pants when I tried to get dressed.
I tripped on the stairs and I fell on my head.
I tripped on my shoelace and injured my chest.

I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk this morning.
I tripped on a curbstone while walking to school.
I tripped on a tree root without any warning.
I tripped at the park and I fell in the pool.

I tripped on my backpack. I tripped on my bike.
I tripped on my camera. I tripped on my cat.
I tripped on my train set. I tripped on my trike.
I tripped on my baseball. I tripped on my bat.

I haven’t got money to go on vacations.
If I didn’t trip I’d go nowhere at all.
I may never see other cities or nations,
but this way, at least, I take trips every fall.

My Puppy Likes the Water


My puppy likes the water.
My puppy likes to swim.
I’ve never seen a puppy
who swims as much as him.

He swims not on the surface,
but only underneath.
And maybe I should warn you,
he has very scary teeth.

Whenever people see him
they’re frightened of his grin.
Or maybe it’s his lack of fur.
Or maybe it’s his fin.

If you should buy a puppy,
just get the kind that barks.
Don’t be like me. I bought mine
at a store that just sells sharks.

Today Is the Day


I’m happy to say that today is the day.
I’m super excited. I’m shouting, “Hooray!”

I woke up delighted and ready to go.
My mind is abuzz and my eyes are aglow.

There’s no doubt about it. It’s perfectly clear.
The time is upon us. The moment is here.

I’m eager and keen for the action to start,
and when it begins I’ll be playing my part.

I’ll jump in the bustle and give it my all.
I’m certain that soon I’ll be having a ball.

But where should I go now, and what should I do?
I’m hoping that someone will give me a clue.

I’m not sure what’s happening. All I can say
is yesterday’s gone, so today is the day.

Brand New Ball

I bought a brand new rubber ball.
I threw it at my bedroom wall.



I like my ball.
My ball’s

Xbox, Xbox


Xbox, Xbox,
you’re the one for me.
I also love my 3DS
and my Nintendo Wii.

GameCube, GameBoy,
Apple iPod Touch.
I never thought that I would ever
be in love this much.

Pac-Man, Sonic,
Mario, and Link.
Your names are etched inside my mind
in everlasting ink.

Run, jump, flip, hang,
double-jump, and climb.
That’s all I want to do
with every second of my time.

This is true love.
Yes, it’s plain to see.
Xbox, Xbox,
will you marry me?

I Sat Down On a Seesaw

I sat down on a seesaw
to see what I could see,
but all I saw was seesaw
rising up in front of me.

I couldn’t see the treetops.
I couldn’t see the sky.
I couldn’t see the far-off fields.
I sat and wondered why.

I couldn’t see the swingset,
or even see the slide.
I guess I need someone to
sit down on the other side.

Learning to Fly

I’m soaring.
I’m sailing.
I’m learning to fly.
I’m leaping.
I’m bouncing.
I’m high in the sky.

I’m jumping.
I’m hopping.
I’m up in the air.
I’m dashing.
I’m diving,
the wind in my hair.

I’m swooping.
I’m whooshing.
I’m light as a kite.
I’m flittering,
floating in flight.

I’m toppling.
I’m tumbling.
I’m falling. I crashed.
And, whoopsie,
my parents
new mattress is trashed.

Porcupine Valentine

“Will you be my valentine?”
said the timid porcupine.
Listening, he heard
not a single word.

“Will you let me hold you please?
Let my arms enfold you please?
Why are you so shy?”
There was no reply.

“I’ll make you my Mrs., dear;
smother you with kisses, dear.
Darling, won’t you try it?”
All he heard was quiet.

“Though I have persisted here,
still you have resisted, dear.
I must need more practice,”
he said to the cactus.

The All-Bean Diet


Beans for breakfast.
Beans for lunch.
Beans for dinner.
Beans for brunch.
Beans for snacks
and all desserts.
Beans until your
stomach hurts.

This is called
the “All-Bean Diet.”
Man, it’s fun!
You have to try it!
True, it gives you
painful gas…
Still, it sure does
clear the class!