reading level: Grade 3

Poems suitable for reading by 8-9 year olds.

Coming Soon by Kenn Nesbitt
Coming Soon!
Deer Mrs. Teecher
On Halloween Night
Sunday’s Somewhat Melancholy
Dear Santa, Did You Get My Tweet?
Mr. Whisper
You Need to Wear a Mask by Kenn Nesbitt
You Need to Wear a Mask
My World Is Turning Downside-Up by Kenn Nesbitt
My World Is Turning Downside-Up
Things You Don’t Need to Know
Random Recipe by Kenn Nesbitt
Random Recipe
Welcome Back to School
My Mother Drives Me Everywhere
My Sister Should Be an Explorer
My Foot Fell Asleep
My Left Left by Kenn Nesbitt
My Left Left
I’m Clever Whenever
Wendy Wise
We’re Running Out of Toilet Paper
Today I Decided to Make Up a Word
I Have a Bunch of Batteries
Liverwurst Pie
Liverwurst Pie
My iPhone Did My Homework
My Senses All are Backward