reading level: Grade 2

Poems suitable for reading by 7-8 year olds.

The Man From Timbuktu
Brand New Shoes
My Very Long Poem
I Only Like People Exactly Like Me
I Tried to Catch a Snowflake
Recipe for Disaster
My Brother is Still in His Bedroom
Rudy Tude
Here is the House
Christmas Has Its Ups and Downs
I Made a Hat
I’m Thankful for Turkey
Bouncing Off the Windows
My Pig Won’t Let Me Watch TV
There Was an Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe
There Was an Old Woman
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty’s Big Fall
Today’s My Favorite Holiday
I Think My Dad Is Dracula
I Grew a Foot this Summer
My Camel Fights
I Bought a New Tank For My Goldfish
The Frog Didn’t Fly
The Tighty-Whitey Spider
Get Me Out of the Fish Tank