Reading Level: Grade 2

Poems suitable for reading by 7-8 year olds.

My Mother Does My Homework

My mother does my homework.
She thinks it’s loads of fun.
She says that she’s just “helping” me
but, soon enough, it’s done.

We sit down at the dinner table
every single night.
She answers all the questions
and she always gets them right.

And now and then, she’ll tell me
I should go and take my bath.
When I get back, I find she’s done
my science and my math.

You’d think that I’d be overjoyed
to never have to work.
But every time she “helps me out”
I nearly go berserk.

I ask if I can do it, but
she shrugs off my requests.
So all my grades are crummy
since she doesn’t take my tests.

I Tried to Take a Selfie

I tried to take a selfie
when I was all alone.
I never should have done it.
It broke my mobile phone.

I guess I’m not so pretty.
I thought that I was cuter.
I snapped one with my laptop
and busted the computer.

I cracked my father’s camera.
My mother’s iPad too.
This shouldn’t be so difficult.
I don’t know what to do.

At last I got a selfie;
perhaps the worst one yet.
I posted it online today.
It broke the Internet.

Not-So Fast Food

Burgers, pizzas, chicken wings.
Tacos, French fries, onion rings.
Ice cream, donuts, cookies, cakes.
Soda, chips, and chocolate shakes.
These are things I like to munch,
breakfast, dinner, snack and lunch.

Every meal I eat includes
more, and more, and more fast foods.
Yet with every meal I eat
I grow slower on my feet.
This is why I want to know
why does fast food make me slow?

Transportation Vacation


We went on vacation,
my family and I.
We got on an airplane
and flew through the sky.

We got off the airplane
and boarded a bus
that went to where taxis
were waiting for us.

We hopped in a taxi
and drove to the shore,
then rode in a boat
for an hour or more.

The boat dropped us off
and we climbed on a train
that went to the airport.
We got on a plane.

The plane took us home.
What a boring vacation!
We didn’t see anything;
just transportation.

My Cow Bess

I’d like to introduce you to my cow.
Her name is Bess.
She has a special talent that
I know you’d never guess.

She’s fond of eating chocolate
which I feed her every day.
The chocolate makes her happy so
she starts to swing and sway.

She jiggles and she joggles.
She wiggles and she whirls.
She boogies and she bounces.
She taps and twists and twirls.

She shivers and she shudders.
She quivers and she quakes.
I feed her chocolate candy and
she gives me chocolate shakes.

Santa’s Suit


If Santa’s suit gets dirty,
no matter what might cause it,
he’s got a clean one handy.
It’s in his Santa closet.

Coal in My Stocking


Coal in the stocking
that’s hung up for me.
Coal in my packages
under the tree.

Coal for my sister
and coal for my brother.
Coal for the baby,
and father and mother.

Santa, it seems, traveled
down from The Pole,
bringing us nothing
but presents of coal.

No one’s been naughty.
We haven’t been whiners.
Santa’s new elves just
all used to be miners.

November Is upon Us

November is upon us.
Thanksgiving’s nearly here.
I’ve never been more thankful than
the way I feel this year.

I’m thankful we have apple pie.
I’m thankful we have beans.
I’m thankful we have mashed potatoes,
yams, and salad greens.

But, most of all, I’m thankful that
my future isn’t murky.
My family’s vegetarian
and I am their pet turkey.

Halloween Cuisine

Oh, my goodness!
What a sight.
Here’s what’s in my
bag tonight.
Snickers. Reeses.
Nestle’s Crunch.
Kit Kat. Skittles.
Crunch ‘n Munch.
Pixy Stix.
Sugar Daddy.
Twizzlers. Twix.
Good & Plenty.
Tootsie Pops.
Jelly Belly.
Lemon drops.
Jolly Ranchers.
Milk Duds. Mars.
Necco wafers.
Hershey bars.
M&M’s and
Milky Way.

Dear Summer

Dear Summer, you’re always my favorite.
I really do like you a lot.
You come every year,
and I’m glad when you’re here.
I don’t even mind that you’re hot.

Dear Summer, whenever you visit,
I love to go outside to play.
I get to wear shorts
and play summertime sports,
or sometimes do nothing all day.

I put on my goggles and swim suit,
and head for the beach or the park.
I go for a hike
or I ride on my bike,
and stay awake long after dark.

Dear Summer, I’m glad you could join us.
without you, it won’t be the same.
I promise I know
that you do have to go,
but, still, it seems sort of a shame.

I’m sure that I’m going to miss you.
The school year is finally here.
I had so much fun
playing out in the sun.
I guess that I’ll see you next year.