topic: Animal Poems

Poems about animals and pets, both real and imaginary.

The Setter Sweater Store
My Hare Is Resting on My Head
A Sheep is Asleep On My Sofa
Lorenzo Liszt, Non-Scientist
My Mouse is Misbehaving
The Winter Olympics are Practically Here
Waiter, There’s a Dog in My Soup
It’s Raining in My Bedroom
My Puppy Likes the Water
Wayne the Stegosaurus
My Kitty Likes My Goldfish
I Found Myself Upon a Cow
Horse Tale
Porcupine Valentine
Christmas Cat
Cats in the Kitchen
Nile and Nate
I Named My Dogs the Strangest Names
My Puppy Makes Pizza
My Dog Lives On the Sofa
Dizzy Dottie’s Dog Salon
A Shark is a Pet