topic: Animal Poems

Poems about animals and pets, both real and imaginary.

Don’t Rat on a Mouse
A Fish in a Spaceship
Frank the Frog Collector
My Ugly Pug
I Fix My Duck with Duct Tape
My Dog Likes to Disco
My Puppy Makes Pizza
My Parents Sent Me To the Store
My Mouse is Misbehaving
My Dog Is Not the Smartest Dog
I Saw a Sloth Play Soccer
It’s Raining in My Bedroom
My Cat Goes Flying Through the Air
Do You C What I C?
My Bunny Lies over My Doggy
My Cow Bess
My Dog Plays Invisible Frisbee
I Tried to Find a Dinosaur
The Pretzel, the Pig, and the Baby Baboon
My Dog Fred
I Listen to My Chicken
My Elephant Thinks I’m Wonderful
A Sheep is Asleep On My Sofa