topic: Animal Poems

Poems about animals and pets, both real and imaginary.

Gerbil, Gerbil, On the Run
The Tighty-Whitey Spider
I Bought Our Cat a Jetpack
Frank the Frog Collector
I Got a New Laptop for Christmas
Waiter, There’s a Dog in My Soup
Don’t Think About a Zebra
My Kitten Won’t Stop Talking
My Sheep Is Being Sheepish
My Pig Won’t Let Me Watch TV
I Met a Lonely Octopus
A Fish in a Spaceship
My Ugly Pug
I Fix My Duck with Duct Tape
My Puppy Makes Pizza
My Dog Likes to Disco
I Left Our Rhino in the Rain
My Mouse is Misbehaving
My Parents Sent Me To the Store
My Dog Is Not the Smartest Dog
It’s Raining in My Bedroom
I Saw a Sloth Play Soccer
My Cow Bess