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We Ate All the Cheetos
We Ate All the Cheetos
Zoom Gloom by Kenn Nesbitt
Zoom Gloom
I’m Keeping My Distance
Sick Day
You Need to Wear a Mask by Kenn Nesbitt
You Need to Wear a Mask
Santa’s Feeling Sick
Today I Wore a Costume
Not-So Fast Food
The Cough
I’m Staying Home From School Today
Wendy Wise
You Can Never Be Too Careful
You’re Not Supposed to Touch Your Face
I Went to the Doctor
My Brother Just Eats Candy
My Legs Both Understand Me
That Explains It!
The Seefood Diet
Itches by Kenn Nesbitt
My Special Diet
Charlie Has the Chicken Pox
Don’t Forget to Floss
I Eat Spaghetti with a Spoon
The Dentist Pulled My Tooth Out