Topic: Monster

Mythical Monster Party

The monsters are having a mythical ball;
a party like never before.
Their musical madness is rocking the hall
as the creatures are crowding the floor.

The Sirens are singing symphonious songs.
The Centaurs are ringing a chime.
The Giants are jumping and banging their gongs
while the Titans are waltzing in time.

The Sphinxes swing saxophones this way and that.
The Harpies perform on their harps.
The Sea-monsters sing all the notes that are flat
as the Serpents are sounding the sharps.

The Minotaurs strum on their mandolin strings.
The Dragons are pounding their drums.
Medusa can’t use any musical things
so she hangs with the Hydras and hums.

The Tritons are rapping, the Chimeras chant,
and Cerberus croons with them all.
The Cyclops would dance but he thinks that he can’t
so he just keeps his eye on the ball.

A Sad and Lonely Cyclops

I’m a sad and lonely Cyclops.
I am so misunderstood.
Though I probably look fearsome
I am actually good.

I’m as harmless as a kitten.
No, I wouldn’t hurt a fly,
But my neighbors think I’m monstrous
with my solitary eye.

So they laugh at me and tease me
and they often call me names,
plus they won’t let me participate
in their Olympic games.

They won’t let me join their practices
or even watch a tryout.
So I sit at home and sniffle
and I sadly cry my eye out.