topic: School Poems

Funny poems and songs about all the crazy things that happen at school.

My Girlfriend
This Morning Is Our History Test
I Finished My Homework
The Contents of My Desk
A Real Groaner
Today I Decided to Make Up a Word
What to Do With a Dinosaur
Science Homework
My iPhone Did My Homework
I’ve Started Learning Honkish
My Teacher Calls Me Sweetie Cakes
I Tried to Do My Homework
My Teacher Ate My Homework
A Hippo Is Bounding around on My Head
Egg Drop
My Book Report Is Due Today by Kenn Nesbitt
My Book Report Is Due Today
My Lunch
Oh My Darling, Valentine
Revenge of the Lunch Ladies
What to Remember in School
Homework, I Love You
Teacher, Teacher, How’s My Singing
My Excellent Education by Kenn Nesbitt
My Excellent Education
Hannah’s Hammer