topic: Wordplay

Poems of strange people and places, impossible happenings, and indescribable nonsense.

Joe the Emoji
A Real Groaner
Gabby’s Baby Beagle
My Foot Fell Asleep
1 H0P3 7H47 Y0U C4N R34D 7H15
And Backed My Car into a Tree
My Favorite Word is Floofy
Things You Don’t Need to Know
Swimming Ool
Maine Event
Five Sense Nonsense
On the Thirty Third of Januaugust
To B or Not to B
Lefty the Lifter
I’ve Seen My Kitchen Sink
You Can Never Be Too Careful
My Legs Both Understand Me
I Ate a Clock
My Toes and My Nose
My Sheep Is Being Sheepish
I Met a Lonely Octopus
Hello, My Name is Madison
An Echo in My Room