FAQ Category: School Visit Questions

Answers to questions about in-person and online school author visits by Kenn Nesbitt

Can you do writing workshops for our students?

Yes. My assembly programs have a large writing component. Typically half of the assembly is spent writing with the students. If you would like to schedule a separate writing workshop for your students as well, I always enjoy working with smaller groups of students in grades 4-5 (no more than 70) in a workshop setting after they have seen the assembly.

Can you do an all-school assembly?

I recommend separate assemblies for primary and intermediate students. The writing lesson I do with primary grades is simpler than what I do with older kids. If your school is only primary or only intermediate, I can do an all-school assembly. In a K-5 or K-6 school, I can do an all-school assembly, but I have to leave out the writing portion of the program.

How many programs can you do in a day?

I can do up to four programs plus an autographing session during the school day. If you like, I can also do an after-school workshop or evening family program for an extra fee. Book signing does not count as a session.

Why are the prices different on the Student and School Book Order Forms?

I offer a 20% discount and free shipping on all books to allow your PTA or library to treat the book sale as a fund-raiser. The Student Book Order Form lists the full prices of the books. The School Book Order Form is for you to aggregate your students orders, and reflects the discounted price, allowing you to earn a few dollars on each book sold.