Permissions for Teachers

I’m glad that you are enjoying my poems, and I would be thrilled if you shared them with your students. I am sure that your students will have a blast reading them.

You are welcome to use the poems from my books and website in your classroom activities. You may photocopy them, enlarge them, illustrate them, or do just about anything you like with them. You will only need my permission to reprint or publish my poems in something for which you will charge money.

Also, you may feel free to post my poems on your website as long as you include the author’s name, the copyright information and a link back to this website.

Naturally, it would mean a lot to me if you would consider buying one or more of my books for your classroom, or ask the librarian to purchase them for your school. That is, after all, how I make my living. It also will give you lots more poems to choose from for use in your classroom.

If you have any other questions about using my poems please feel free to contact me.