reading level: Grade 6

Poems suitable for reading by 11-12 year olds.

Vacation Cancellation
Bradley Bentley Baxter Bloome
Gabby’s Baby Beagle
Itches by Kenn Nesbitt
When Larry Made Lasagna
A Goat in a Landfill
Christmas Shopping
I Washed Our Dad’s Car
While Strolling Down the Beach Today
What to Do With a Dinosaur
My Excuse
Traditional Christmas
I Ate a Clock
Fernando the Fearless
The Toughest Pastry Maker
I’m a Pirate Ballerina
The Pretzel, the Pig, and the Baby Baboon
The Winter Olympics are Practically Here
The World’s Fastest Bicycle
My Computer Ate My Homework
Melvin the Mummy
My Dog is Running Faster
From the Ants in Our Petnuia Bed