Reading Level: Grade 3

Poems suitable for reading by 8-9 year olds.

Fred’s Head


Come and meet Fred.
He can stand on his head.
He’s truly the greatest around.
He gives a small cough
and then pops his head off,
and places it down on the ground.

Then he leaps in the air
and alights on his hair,
to balance his feet on his ears.
Then spins with his toes
on the tip of his nose,
and everyone eagerly cheers.

As soon as you see
him I’m sure you’ll agree,
there’s no one as awesome as Fred;
the only man ever
to find such a clever
new method to stand on his head.

I asked him one day
why he did it this way.
He said, “People like it, I think.
And someday I hope
I can purchase some soap
because, man, do my toes ever stink.”

Nate the Creative


I’m Nate the Creative
and here’s what I do:
I wake up each day and
create something new.

I might bake a pickle
and skyscraper pie.
I might take a nickel
and teach it to fly.

I might paint a picture
of checkerboard cheese,
or fashion a statue
from typewriter keys.

Or dream up a dance
where you stand very still,
or buy all of France
with a nine-dollar bill.

So look all you want
but you won’t ever see
a person on earth
as creative as me.

Tomorrow, I might make
a hat out of you.
I’m Nate the Creative.
It’s just what I do.

I Fix My Duck with Duct Tape

I fix my duck with duct tape
when she breaks. That’s what I do.
If my gorilla has a crack
I use Gorilla Glue.

My monkey needs a monkey wrench
just every now and then.
And chicken wire is what I use
to mend my broken hen.

For snails, I use nails,
and, for penguins, I use pins.
For fish, I’m fond of fish paste
for fixing fractured fins.

So bring your broken beasts;
I’ll give them tender loving care,
and make them good as new at my
stuffed animal repair.

Carl the Cookie Carrier


I’m Carl the Cookie Carrier.
I carry cookies well.
I carry ones with chocolate chips
and ones with caramel.

I transport tea cakes tactfully.
With wafers I’m an ace.
My gift for lifting biscuits
is the ultimate in grace.

I’m skilled with Scottish shortbread.
With digestives I’m the best.
With gingersnaps I have no lapse.
It’s obvious I’m blessed.

I’m masterful with macaroons
and snickerdoodles too.
I’ll haul them all regardless
if they’re pink or green or blue.

And when I carry cookies,
I eat only one or two.
So I have just one question…
May I carry yours for you?

My Mother Does My Homework

My mother does my homework.
She thinks it’s loads of fun.
She says that she’s just “helping” me
but, soon enough, it’s done.

We sit down at the dinner table
every single night.
She answers all the questions
and she always gets them right.

And now and then, she’ll tell me
I should go and take my bath.
When I get back, I find she’s done
my science and my math.

You’d think that I’d be overjoyed
to never have to work.
But every time she “helps me out”
I nearly go berserk.

I ask if I can do it, but
she shrugs off my requests.
So all my grades are crummy
since she doesn’t take my tests.

Candy Love

Chocolate assortments
and little pink hearts.
Hershey’s Kiss Roses
and sour SweeTarts.

All of these candies
arrived with some cards,
sending me mushy
romantic regards.

Valentine’s Day,
what a troublesome date.
Don’t like the cards,
but the candy is great!

I Met a Lonely Octopus


I met a lonely octopus
while sitting on a docktopus
and he began to talktopus
and this is what he said:

“Hello, my name is Jacquestopus.
I’d like to take a walktopus
perhaps around the blocktopus
or to the park instead.”

I didn’t mean to gawktopus,
but I was in such shocktopus
to meet a talking octopus,
I must have lost my head.

It seems I socked poor Jacquestopus
and knocked him off the docktopus,
and so that talking octopus
got fairly scared, and fled.

I hope someday that Jacquestopus
forgives me for the socktopus
and comes back to the docktopus
where he can meet my croctopus
who says his name is Fred.

Transportation Vacation


We went on vacation,
my family and I.
We got on an airplane
and flew through the sky.

We got off the airplane
and boarded a bus
that went to where taxis
were waiting for us.

We hopped in a taxi
and drove to the shore,
then rode in a boat
for an hour or more.

The boat dropped us off
and we climbed on a train
that went to the airport.
We got on a plane.

The plane took us home.
What a boring vacation!
We didn’t see anything;
just transportation.

Santa’s Suit


If Santa’s suit gets dirty,
no matter what might cause it,
he’s got a clean one handy.
It’s in his Santa closet.