Reading Level: Grade 3

Poems suitable for reading by 8-9 year olds.

Candy Love

Chocolate assortments
and little pink hearts.
Hershey’s Kiss Roses
and sour SweeTarts.

All of these candies
arrived with some cards,
sending me mushy
romantic regards.

Valentine’s Day,
what a troublesome date.
Don’t like the cards,
but the candy is great!

I Met a Lonely Octopus


I met a lonely octopus
while sitting on a docktopus
and he began to talktopus
and this is what he said:

“Hello, my name is Jacquestopus.
I’d like to take a walktopus
perhaps around the blocktopus
or to the park instead.”

I didn’t mean to gawktopus,
but I was in such shocktopus
to meet a talking octopus,
I must have lost my head.

It seems I socked poor Jacquestopus
and knocked him off the docktopus,
and so that talking octopus
got fairly scared, and fled.

I hope someday that Jacquestopus
forgives me for the socktopus
and comes back to the docktopus
where he can meet my croctopus
who says his name is Fred.

Transportation Vacation


We went on vacation,
my family and I.
We got on an airplane
and flew through the sky.

We got off the airplane
and boarded a bus
that went to where taxis
were waiting for us.

We hopped in a taxi
and drove to the shore,
then rode in a boat
for an hour or more.

The boat dropped us off
and we climbed on a train
that went to the airport.
We got on a plane.

The plane took us home.
What a boring vacation!
We didn’t see anything;
just transportation.

Santa’s Suit


If Santa’s suit gets dirty,
no matter what might cause it,
he’s got a clean one handy.
It’s in his Santa closet.

Dear Santa, Did You Get My Tweet?

Dear Santa, did you get my tweet
of presents I would think are sweet?
And what about my Facebook post
of toys and stuff I want the most?

Dear Santa, did you read my blog?
That’s where I keep a running log
of all the times that I’ve been good
and doing things I know I should.

I hope you saw my Instagram,
my email wasn’t flagged as spam,
you’ve seen my YouTube channel too
and all my texts have made it through.

Wait, does the North Pole even get
computers and the Internet?
I hope it does. I mean, it better,
or I might have to write a letter.

Santa Brought a Bar of Soap

Santa brought a bar of soap.
I asked him for a phone, but nope.
I didn’t get that brand new phone.
Just soap, and fancy French cologne.
He also brought some new shampoo,
some shower gel, and toothpaste too,
a scented candle for my room,
a dozen bottles of perfume,
deodorant and body spray…
I wonder what he’s trying to say?

My Baby Brother’s Birthday

My baby brother’s birthday
was a fabulous affair.
The birthday cake was in his lap.
The frosting in his hair.

He threw the ice cream at the walls;
it splattered on the rug.
And then he dumped his apple juice
in mommy’s coffee mug.

He tore the wrapping paper off
of all his brand new toys,
then pounded them to see which ones
would make the loudest noise.

We’ve never had a party that
was such fantastic fun.
I guess they’re simply better
when your brother’s turning one.

Our Teacher’s Not a Zombie

Our teacher’s not a zombie.
She’s not the living dead,
although she’s looking ragged
and her eyes are rather red.

She shuffles to the classroom.
She slowly drags her feet.
She shambles to the whiteboard
looking broken-down and beat.

We listen to her plaintive moans.
We see the way she strains.
We hear her mumble mournfully
about the students’ brains.

But we know not to worry.
We never get upset.
She’s always like this when she
hasn’t had her coffee yet.

Captain Talkalot


They call me Captain Talkalot.
I really don’t know why.
I only talk when I’m awake.
I’m such a quiet guy.

It’s true I talk from sunrise
till the moment I’m in bed,
then spend the evening dreaming
of the things I should have said.

But, really, I don’t talk too much.
I just say what I think,
which could be while I’m chewing food,
or guzzling a drink.

I’m sure I sometimes raise my voice,
and now and then I yell.
But that’s to be expected
when you’ve got a tale to tell.

I’d never interrupt someone
if they were speaking first,
unless, of course, I had to,
or I felt like I would burst.

I’m simply not that talkative.
I’ll show you all the ways
and tell you all the reasons
though it could take several days.

And when I’m done explaining,
then perhaps you’ll tell me why
they call me Captain Talkalot.
I’m such a quiet guy.