topic: Poems about Friends and Family

Poems about funny families and friends and all of the crazy things that brothers, sisters, parents, and friends do.

Online Is Fine by Kenn Nesbitt
Online Is Fine
I Think My Dad Is Dracula
Pet Shopping
Olympic Granny
We Ate All the Cheetos
We Ate All the Cheetos
Vacation Cancellation
We’re Running Out of Toilet Paper
I Broke My Mother’s iPhone
I Had to Get a Haircut by Kenn Nesbitt
I Let My Sister Cut My Hair
My Father Can’t Find Me
My Brother Ate My Smartphone
When Frankenstein Was Just a Kid
Thank You, Thanksgiving
Deer Mrs. Teecher
Pimple Problem
You Need to Wear a Mask by Kenn Nesbitt
You Need to Wear a Mask
Hitting Rules
My Mother Does My Homework
My Mother Drives Me Everywhere
Today I Wore a Costume
My Sister’s Name is Seven
I’m Lonely, So Lonely
The Tale of the Sun and the Moon