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Poems about food, glorious food!

Cooking Class by Kenn Nesbitt
Cooking Class
We Ate All the Cheetos
We Ate All the Cheetos
An Ogre Came over for Dinner
Advice from Dracula
When Frankenstein Was Just a Kid
Chocolate for Breakfast
Thank You, Thanksgiving
How Not to Play with Your Food
Gabby’s Baby Beagle
After Thanksgiving
My Teacher Ate My Homework
On Halloween Night
Bob’s Job
When Larry Made Lasagna
November Is upon Us
Not-So Fast Food
A Real Groaner
I Wrote This Little Poem
Liverwurst Pie
Liverwurst Pie
Cookies for Santa
My Lunch
A Centaur Goes Out Shopping
While Strolling Down the Beach Today
Revenge of the Lunch Ladies