topic: School Poems

Funny poems and songs about all the crazy things that happen at school.

April Fool’s Day
Good Morning, Dear Students
My Dog Does My Homework
I Can't Wait for Summer
I Can’t Wait for Summer
Falling Asleep in Class
Our Teacher Likes Minecraft
When the Teacher Isn’t Looking
Zoom Gloom by Kenn Nesbitt
Zoom Gloom
I Finished My Homework
Lunchbox Love Note
Peter Passed a Note Today
My Teacher Took My iPod
Today I Got a Valentine
Chelsea Had Some Chocolate Milk
It’s Friday the 13th Tomorrow
Let Me out of the Classroom
All My Great Excuses
Running Late
Basketball’s My Favorite Sport
My Dog Ate My Homework
My iPhone Did My Homework
Our Teacher’s a Football Fanatic
When Sarah Surfs the Internet
You Can Argue with a Tennis Ball
You Can Argue with a Tennis Ball