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Funny poems and songs about all the crazy things that happen at school.

I Finished My Homework poem by Kenn Nesbitt
I Finished My Homework
Funny language poem for kids by Kenn Nesbitt
I’ve Started Learning Honkish
What to Remember in School
What to Remember in School
Funny School Poem for Kids When the Teacher Isn't Looking
When the Teacher Isn’t Looking
Summer Poem School Poem
I Can’t Wait for Summer
Science Homework
Science Homework
Falling Asleep in Class
I Didn’t Do It
Everything We Learn at School
Sick Day
Homework, I Love You
Running Late
Our Teacher’s a Hippie
Our Teacher Likes Minecraft
I Tried to Do My Homework
My Mother Does My Homework
Hello, My Name is Madison
Our Teacher’s Not a Zombie
My Puppy Ate My Earbuds
Dear Summer
Back-to-School Shopping
The All-Bean Diet
Jim Sox