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Comments for 'I Wrote Myself a Letter'

On Jun 30, 2011 ukada from United States wrote:
this poem is really creative. Great job!!
On Jan 27, 2010 kass from usa wrote:
how can he write a letter when he cant read?
On Jan 27, 2010 ella from us wrote:
very funny my son loves it!
On Jan 18, 2010 shehvar from india wrote:
i like this poem verry much because it is verry funny
On Jan 15, 2010 abrar from Morocco wrote:
it is very nice and it rhymes!!!!!!!!!
On Jan 11, 2010 reyna from lili wrote:
i kind of like it until the last paragraph the last sentence is funny hahahaha :o) i m going to try it hahaha
On Jan 7, 2010 Angle from United States wrote:
i lofve it its a good and funny peom
On Jan 7, 2010 malak from egypt wrote:
its great i really like it!!!!
On Jan 5, 2010 toomanycurls from America (florida) wrote:
Made me smile :)
On Jan 4, 2010 Aisha from England wrote:
Funny, made me laugh. LOL'z :D
On Dec 17, 2009 alicia from usa wrote:
thats totally something i would do/ lol!!!!!!!!!!!
On Dec 13, 2009 karina from usa wrote:
i like these poems and they make me gag and lolololol hahahaha
On Dec 13, 2009 TAYLOR from UNITED STATES wrote:
On Dec 13, 2009 sal from usa wrote:
that was dumb.
On Dec 13, 2009 Brooke H. :) from America wrote:
On Dec 9, 2009 tiana from new zealand wrote:
i love this poem its the best by far and soon by near or far you will get the poem keep reading $$$$$$$$$
On Dec 8, 2009 danaya from north america wrote:
On Nov 25, 2009 adaku irondi from united states wrote:
i really like these poems. hey make me LOL!
On Sep 24, 2009 Sandeep Namburi from United States wrote:
Wow! I really love Kenn Nesbitt's poems. I bet it took him over a month for him to write this poem.
On Sep 21, 2009 Randy from Honduras wrote:
On Aug 4, 2009 Zaleigh from Kentucky, USA wrote:
HA HA! That was cute! You write something to yourself, but you can't read it!
On Jul 26, 2009 shana from india wrote:
wow nice peom lol!
On Jun 11, 2009 student from california wrote:
supper i actually laughed at this.
On Apr 21, 2009 lea from USA wrote:
My brother hasn't learned how to read,either.
On Apr 21, 2009 shaunice from usa wrote:
i like that poem because some times i send a letters to my self
On Apr 21, 2009 Kat from canada wrote:
That was soooo funny
On Apr 21, 2009 Beyonce Knoles from America wrote:
Hey everyone! I just loved that poem! It was awesome. Great work Kenn Nesbitt! Keep it up! Love yours truly... Beyonce!
On Apr 21, 2009 jalen from usa wrote:
samething happened to me
On Apr 16, 2009 blanca from texas wrote:
thah was funny
On Apr 15, 2009 ariel mack funny poems from ittoley wrote:
make funny poems
On Apr 14, 2009 queenofbooks from usa wrote:
that is so funny! I was totally shocked when I read the end
On Apr 14, 2009 rodnecia from USA wrote:
funny poem my brother hasnt learned to read either
On Apr 13, 2009 CMS hottie :](SMILEY ME) from usa wrote:
On Apr 12, 2009 amanda from usa wrote:
if he dont no how to read how does he write? thats what made it funny!
On Apr 8, 2009 nida from nj wrote:
yo that is mad some funny lol
On Apr 2, 2009 haley from usa wrote:
On Apr 2, 2009 da man from Ussr wrote:
Its funny how he can't read haha
On Apr 1, 2009 Shannon from Aussiiieee! wrote:
I loved it, I thought it was really FUNNY!
On Mar 30, 2009 lia from u.k wrote:
i dont get it becouse if someone write a letter to itself they can reead the letter LOL!
On Mar 29, 2009 jamie from australia wrote:
its awsome
On Mar 26, 2009 dasia from north Carolina wrote:
i hate that poem
On Mar 23, 2009 myra kiyani from usa wrote:
Sooo cute!
On Mar 23, 2009 Kara from U.S.A wrote:
It is so funny!!!
On Mar 15, 2009 Allegra from London wrote:
Hi! first time i went in google and type poem's and then i just found "" it was so good and cool and fun thnx for making us happy
On Mar 15, 2009 sydeny from ga wrote:
i loved that poem
On Mar 11, 2009 zaboomafoo from africa wrote:
kinda stupid.
On Mar 11, 2009 Arie Spazzal from Australia wrote:
I think it was a great poem but it could of been a bit more funny.
On Mar 11, 2009 Betty from U.S. wrote:
this poem is kool! and funny.writing without knowing how 2 read huh?I'm curious.What DID the letter really say!
On Feb 23, 2009 vicky from Manitoba wrote:
I read this aloud to my class and they loved it Lol!!Read the poem called My sisters name is seven!!FUNNY!!
On Feb 23, 2009 Denis from Arizona wrote:
that was funny he wrote himself a letter and he couldn't even read HAHA!!
On Feb 19, 2009 zee from england wrote:
it was funny because he couldn't read... that type of thing appeals to some people...
On Feb 15, 2009 anne hathaway from england wrote:
that was alright, shallow humour, but it was a good thought. my little brother, jason mraz said it rocks! he reckons you should be famous.
On Feb 15, 2009 tooth fillings from iliked wrote:
well, have you ever heard of a string? do you even know what one is? its a wisker. man! cool poem, bill, it was an eye catcher, i love you, ken, you rok, dave. seeya kieth.
On Feb 6, 2009 Bethany from JUCHV,MVH\ZVKJNBCNAMB wrote:
On Feb 6, 2009 m from m wrote:
On Feb 3, 2009 Sarah from Canada wrote:
Okay? that was alittle short and who would write a poem to them selves? what the heck! that is weired but good!
On Feb 3, 2009 Justin from Hillabilla wrote:
Kool- learn to read
On Feb 2, 2009 SAMEEHA OSMAN from SOUTH AFRICA wrote:
On Feb 2, 2009 H8er H8er from H8in on H8er-ville wrote:
That poem was cute only people whocan't rite poetry and are jealous dont like this one.
On Jan 30, 2009 Ricky from wiard place(aka me) wrote:
its so not cool
On Jan 27, 2009 hfghf from ghfg wrote:
that waz cute
On Jan 22, 2009 ggjjh from jhjhfj wrote:
ok a little weird but ok.....
On Jan 20, 2009 Alice from Wonderland wrote:
On Jan 20, 2009 eyad from the united states wrote:
i hated it so so bad
On Jan 18, 2009 Alexa from United States wrote:
This is a very interesting poem.
On Jan 8, 2009 junmin from singapore wrote:
On Jan 8, 2009 wesly from america wrote:
this poem is nice
On Jan 6, 2009 Holly from England wrote:
It was ok a bit wierd and stupid probaly because I am too old for it !! Haha
On Jan 6, 2009 Jasmin from USA and PANAMA wrote:
This is funny and cute. My mom loves it. Its a cool idea to get this pathetic awesome book. and when i mean pathetic i mean funny.
On Dec 18, 2008 Roundman12 from ?????????????????????????????? wrote:
OMG!! Awsome
On Dec 15, 2008 bill from america wrote:
not cool
On Dec 15, 2008 dominique from socorr nm wrote:
this poem is funny but i dont get it did he just writ lines couse he cant read.
On Dec 9, 2008 Lindsey from usa wrote:
This poem is kinda awkward because how whould he know what he was writing if he couldn't read???????
On Dec 4, 2008 kelsey and alyssa from usa wrote:
this poem rox!!
On Dec 2, 2008 Tristan from U.S.A. wrote:
this poem was very funny it reminds me of the time i wrote a letter to myself and my mom didnt know. i got in trouble for that but later it turned out funny!! please keep on writing poems they are great!!!
On Dec 2, 2008 Jeanne from USA wrote:
Clever and stupid. I love!
On Dec 1, 2008 Gash from New Zealand wrote:
I don't get this, but its really funny.
On Dec 1, 2008 Emily b from Ireland wrote:
I love the poem its so funny. Just 1 Ques "do you have any birthday poems?"
On Nov 24, 2008 alexs from ohio wrote:
this is the best poem.
On Nov 24, 2008 Don from usa wrote:
very funnt
On Nov 24, 2008 Tenisha from U.S. wrote:
keep writing poems
On Nov 24, 2008 Alejandra from U.S.A wrote:
This poem is really funny because hes doing it but cant read it
On Nov 24, 2008 Ashlee from USA wrote:
This reminds me of a really stupid blonde joke! lol
On Nov 24, 2008 James from USA wrote:
How could you write a letter and not know how to read! It was super, awesomely, amazingly funny!
On Nov 24, 2008 tomas from usa wrote:
funny poem dude!!
On Nov 14, 2008 Brianna from Australia wrote:
you have a cool and funny poem.
On Nov 10, 2008 Trin from US wrote:
LOL!!!! That's a great poem!
On Oct 28, 2008 erin from u.s.a. wrote:
this is my favriot poem i love it!!!
On Oct 28, 2008 keemaya gadgil from india wrote:
foolish and funny
On Oct 24, 2008 Karrel from Oklaoma wrote:
this is a good poem. its so great they should make more!
On Oct 15, 2008 brooke from oklahoma wrote:
that was a awsome poem
On Oct 13, 2008 crazyboy from New York wrote:
this is funny
On Oct 13, 2008 Alex from Australia wrote:
ha ha ha that made me laugh a lot
On Oct 13, 2008 nikki from sa wrote:
you must be sweet ur poems r kool keep writing
On Oct 13, 2008 suha and Zarmeen from Pakistan wrote:
I really love this poem Kenn Nesbitt I even shared this poem in my school's class. ''HE! HE!"
On Oct 10, 2008 Sarah x from Scotland wrote:
I Think This Poem Is Really Good, I Like Them All Really :) I Think Kenn Nesbitt Done A Fab Job !:D
On Oct 10, 2008 Eliza Beth from Mars wrote:
Love your poems. Seriously i adore them. I am an amatuer writer myself, and very much find your poems inspirational. Write on!
On Oct 4, 2008 momo from New York wrote:
That is funny :)
On Oct 3, 2008 eugene field from america wrote:
funn,hillarious i loved it!
On Sep 25, 2008 Gemma morrison from Kirkcaldy wrote:
This poems funny
On Sep 17, 2008 Henry from engerlend wrote:
brill brill brill
On Sep 17, 2008 Kelly Calvert from stratford upon avon,England wrote:
Its a really funny poems (well they all are) there better than paul cooksons but tell him that!!!!!!!!!!!! I have met paul cookson and he is a funny any way i must get on with my homework cause iam at school unfortuantle!!!! see ya x
On Sep 11, 2008 summer from wales wrote:
haha thats good. well my mate tom thinks so anyway and hes 21 but is still a kid really x
On Sep 2, 2008 Tanya from U.S.A wrote:
I love this. It's so funny!
On Sep 2, 2008 Andrew from South Africa wrote:
it is the funniest poem i have heard yet

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