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Comments for 'Today I Touched the Buffalobster'

On Apr 24, 2012 labeeba khan from pakistan wrote:
this is cool awsom and much more!
On May 17, 2011 Pat from Buffalo Ny Us wrote:
Its pretty cool
On Oct 14, 2010 tinkerbell from englnd wrote:
this is funny than anything iv read
On Oct 12, 2010 abb from united kingdom wrote:
this poem was th funniest ever I printed it of because it was so good! and I shared it with my class with my best friend Molly and they all laughed
On Sep 19, 2010 cool girl from england wrote:
it was alright
On Sep 1, 2010 The Awesome one from Someplace in the world wrote:
Wow its nice! Oh and did anyone know I touch a centichicken?? LOL Great poem!
On Aug 11, 2010 jamie from uk wrote:
AWESOME! is all i got 2 say!
On Aug 6, 2010 selina from canada wrote:
Kenn,I love your poems.
On Jul 16, 2010 Ice cream from England wrote:
OMG!! I love this poem and the animals are so cool. Buffalobseter That is so cool Where could anyone make a monster like that
On Jul 15, 2010 joseph from england wrote:
its ok , and silly.
On Jul 8, 2010 Emily Jasemine Cardona from United States of America wrote:
Dear Kenn Nesbit, Its really cool how you like to write poems. I like them All and dont stop writing. Everytime i look at one i think they are getting better and better. i like the way they rhyme and how creative you are. keep up the good work. i hope you write millions more. #1 fan, Emily C.
On Jul 1, 2010 Brenna loves animals from Newzooland wrote:
AWESOMELY AWESOME DUDE! By the way I am from Washington..... Your poems rock! I am going to show them to my teacher!
On Jun 21, 2010 Leighton from Ontario wrote:
Awsome poem! Keep writing!
On Jun 21, 2010 miss someone from usa wrote:
so has anyone been to this zoo lately, i wondered what the buffalobster looked like. P.S. lol i loved this poem i used it for a poem asigenment.
On May 30, 2010 Lucy from Liverpool wrote:
This poem is cool it could have a bit more fun in to it but aport from that it was nice to read all the pomes on this you tride yore best well done
On May 18, 2010 Gage from USA wrote:
On May 14, 2010 joan from usa tx wrote:
this poem is wierd but cool
On May 9, 2010 Zingy Bo Bo from Club Penguin wrote:
I love weird animals! I wish I had a Polar Seal with fur, a tail fin and claws on it's flippers! I really like your poems, KEEP ON WRITING!!!
On May 3, 2010 cc from nm wrote:
that so funny how did u come up wit the mutant petting zoo and the animal i want to see is the parroturtle !
On Apr 27, 2010 noah from usa wrote:
it was pretty good
On Apr 25, 2010 ALissa from USa wrote:
its alot of weird animals!!lov it
On Apr 25, 2010 ALICYA ZELESKI DANNER from USA wrote:
love it! that was werid!
On Apr 22, 2010 Leprechaun from Over the Rainbow wrote:
I loved it!!! IT'S SO CUTE!!! KEEP ON WRITIN'!
On Apr 20, 2010 abram from U.S.A wrote:
On Apr 20, 2010 gabriel from usa wrote:
ha ha funny
On Apr 20, 2010 Esteban from U.S.A wrote:
On Apr 20, 2010 Rebecka from USA wrote:
I love it.
On Apr 20, 2010 alyssa gonzales from los lunas nm wrote:
i liked the story
On Apr 15, 2010 mat from united states wrote:
it ok
On Apr 14, 2010 Me from United States wrote:
Love It!!!!!
On Apr 9, 2010 :) from :) wrote:
I love this peom soooooooo much!!!
On Apr 7, 2010 eminem from usa wrote:
good i guess but keep working on it ps i luv gum
On Apr 6, 2010 crystal from fl wrote:
On Apr 1, 2010 Kati from U.S.A wrote:
I think it is really funny but... I think that there should be pictures!!! And I mean like animated ones and ones that move!!!!!!!! But thats just what I think But take a little thought in this!!!!!!!
On Mar 23, 2010 Talia from US wrote:
This is just like one of his other poems where he combined months and his birthday was on janaugust
On Mar 23, 2010 Elizabeth from United States of America wrote:
That poem is really creative!
On Mar 23, 2010 Aleigh from America wrote:
I liked it but it wasn't one of my favorites. keep working on it.
On Feb 25, 2010 석인 from Korea wrote:
Super DUPER!
On Feb 25, 2010 A person that went to this zoo from Zolly Planet wrote:
I have went to this zoo a zilliion times! If you did not see it, you must!!!
On Feb 25, 2010 dejha bradley from united states of america wrote:
what is a buffalobster i think it is a combination of a lobster and a buffalo hope it doesnt bite!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG :) :D :O :0
On Feb 24, 2010 Elizabeth♥♥ from Canada wrote:
I love this poem!!!
On Feb 18, 2010 Stephanie Perez♥♥♥♥♥ from U.S.A. wrote:
lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This poem is very funny
On Feb 15, 2010 GABY from FLORDE wrote:
On Feb 5, 2010 Lilly from U.S.A wrote:
OMG!!!! i love this poem! please keep up the good poems
On Feb 4, 2010 .............. from usa wrote:
wow DIFFRENT!!!!!!!
On Jan 11, 2010 yari from nm wrote:
that would be weird if those animals were real!!!!!!!!!!1
On Jan 7, 2010 *JAGS RULE !!!!!!!!!!!* from *new*mexico* wrote:
LOL!!!!!!! I would love to a parroturtle!!HAHA lol!!!!
On Jan 6, 2010 jasmine from usa wrote:
On Jan 5, 2010 i LOVE poems from U.S.A wrote:
i love this poem!!!!!!!!!
On Dec 18, 2009 Paige from USA wrote:
This poem is different and funny
On Nov 18, 2009 Devin Lee from Texas, United States wrote:
Hey, it's me again still haven't figured out which poem to do any suggestions and Kenn this poem rocks. It was really cute for 7th grade like me and again I'm only 12. KEEP IT UP Kenn! Give me some help on finding a poem thnxz!
On Nov 17, 2009 in the flesh from usa wrote:
it was cool but also funny (alittle)
On Oct 11, 2009 kool from #1 fan wrote:
I love this! Its really fun and great.
On Sep 28, 2009 Montana from England wrote:
S Stupid! Im Hannah Montana and I want you to make a better one!
On Sep 28, 2009 stupid from zing wrote:
It was really cool but awful!!!
On May 21, 2009 yancy from united states wrote:
i liked it but it was hard to pronounce some words
On Apr 23, 2009 corey from england wrote:
this is amazingly fantastic
On Apr 22, 2009 Ugh woh! from China wrote:
WEIRD!!! Cool
On Apr 21, 2009 keemaya gadgil from india wrote:
you touched too many things! but i liked it hahahahah
On Apr 21, 2009 bob from bob wrote:
On Apr 14, 2009 alyssa from usa wrote:
I think it is very funny and joyable
On Apr 14, 2009 alyssa silverman from usa wrote:
omg:} it is so so cool and terrific
On Apr 12, 2009 Sarah H. from USA wrote:
LOL! :)
On Apr 12, 2009 kayla from U.S.A wrote:
Nice, and Awesome dont forget the Butterfish (butterfly, and fish) amd ,meeee
On Apr 3, 2009 lia from u.k wrote:
On Apr 1, 2009 Taylor Bair from US wrote:
On Mar 30, 2009 Rabbiturtle from The mutated petting zoo wrote:
Hey! Dont forget me!
On Mar 30, 2009 Syaron from JAPAN wrote:
On Mar 26, 2009 JESSICA from USA wrote:
On Mar 26, 2009 cae batter from uk wrote:
im eating cake batter yummm
On Mar 24, 2009 techdecckXgodx from USA wrote:
that was funny
On Mar 3, 2009 GanzterMager from orgeon wrote:
Funnny Poem u got there Ganzter
On Feb 26, 2009 rachelyn from P.A wrote:
That is so funny i smiled LOL!!
On Feb 19, 2009 kaitlyn from north america wrote:
I really liked the poem it was cool I liked the words that was not even words at all I loved this poem
On Feb 19, 2009 Bradley halsey from michigan wrote:
Hey kenn it's me, the kid from that assembly we had oriole park elementry in wyoming
On Feb 15, 2009 sarah from aussie wrote:
wow, man! That poem is good because the wierd words keep the whole thing going. Usually poems are boring to normal kids. Im not a normal kid, though. im a poet, too. love all your poems.
On Feb 11, 2009 Vivian Lee from United States wrote:
Hi Mr. Nesbitt! I love this poem and I hope I can touch the gazellelephant!
On Feb 10, 2009 yousef from ottawa wrote:
it's really funny
On Feb 6, 2009 activist from Save the Animals wrote:
why do they do this to harmless animals!They mutate them!Fight the power small buddies, FIGHT IT!
On Feb 3, 2009 Devyn Martinez from south africa wrote:
i didnt like this! it was confoodling! BUT IJM STUPID SO I WOULDNT GET IT! HAHA
On Jan 30, 2009 fladoodle from cabosh wrote:
i dnt lik dis poim
On Jan 22, 2009 Paris from USA wrote:
i loved it haha so cute...!
On Jan 22, 2009 Trent from United States wrote:
The way you fused animals was awesome
On Dec 15, 2008 Bachlover101 from U.S.A wrote:
This is a funny poem!! Kenn Nesbitt is the BEST, most hilarious, and most entertaining poet!!
On Dec 15, 2008 caroline from U.S.A wrote:
I think that it was to funny because it had so many fun words to listen
On Dec 14, 2008 catherine from usa wrote:
It was the funnyest ever!!
On Dec 11, 2008 tarexbare from washingtn wrote:
kk lolz i want 2 go 2 that place!
On Dec 9, 2008 Matt from United States of America wrote:
i dont get it
On Dec 9, 2008 Mr.Happy from Happytown wrote:
On Dec 9, 2008 cary from USA wrote:
very funny cool
On Dec 5, 2008 alec from asia wrote:
i fell asleep during it
On Dec 5, 2008 Daniel from Spain wrote:
A weaselark what is that.
On Dec 4, 2008 Ebony from USA wrote:
i love the zoo it would be fun to go there d Mogan thinks so to
On Dec 4, 2008 chrystal from united states wrote:
i loved it, it was so funny.I laughed my socks off.
On Dec 2, 2008 chloe from miami wrote:
that zoo has cool
On Dec 2, 2008 Kimberly from Florida wrote:
Supper dupper cool
On Dec 2, 2008 Sophia from USA wrote:
Best poem ever. Haha that was awesome. Now i need some of those as pets!
On Dec 2, 2008 pfeiffer from usa wrote:
i licked this poem because it was really funny
On Dec 2, 2008 beth from usa wrote:
this is a awsome poem and i think its really funny
On Dec 2, 2008 ALANA from MIAMI wrote:
On Oct 23, 2008 Candi-Cane from Australia QLD wrote:
Ok? weird but realy cool. Kenn you are a great poet even if its odd what you write! Keep it up
On Oct 20, 2008 elley from wa wrote:
its a great poem but from my point of view i think you should step up a be funny'r
On Oct 20, 2008 ollie strudley from united kingdom wrote:
Wow that was amazing ver creative and lets your imagination run wild amazing i showed it to my 7 year old brother he adored it:)
On Oct 17, 2008 A Vaisey from UK wrote:
Fantastic and inspirational! Used it in an English lesson with 8 year old children. They loved it!
On Sep 29, 2008 Travis Lee from U.S.A. wrote:
I would so love to go to the Mutant Petting Zoo! YOU ROCK KENN NESBITT
On Sep 17, 2008 xxkimberlyxx from uk wrote:
this poems great!
On Sep 17, 2008 Mr. F's 3rd grade class from USA wrote:
Funny animals. We'd love to go to the Mutant Petting Zoo.

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This a wonderful poem i think its great for helping you for homework.
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I think that mom sould make a better desegen.
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