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Comments for 'Don't Ever Ask a Centipede'

On May 15, 2012 MERCY.B from LONDON wrote:
That was a proper LOL!
On Dec 7, 2011 Isela Marie Garcia from Mose Lake WA wrote:
lol that funny it remid me of playing soccor with my dog she gets ran over but shes ok.
On Nov 21, 2011 fotballfan from usa wrote:
i love it
On Nov 8, 2011 anabel from st.johns wrote:
the best poem every
On Sep 28, 2011 Lexi from USA wrote:
You know I am huge at soccer, but this is one of the funniest peoms I've ever seen This is my first time getting on, so anyone tell me your funniest poem
On Jun 21, 2011 Stella from Austrila wrote:
Liked it back some his poems have been funner
On Jun 21, 2011 izzy from usa wrote:
awsome i loved it my eyes were glued to the page
On May 29, 2011 Michaela from New Zealand wrote:
it really is a very cool poem my wendesday teacher Mrs Dykes read it to our class one day, we were all fascinated and hanging off the edge of our chairs to see what would happen next it is our favourite poem yet!
On May 24, 2011 chloe cox from england wrote:
i really love it its funny and good
On May 22, 2011 william from usa wrote:
I loved it
On May 17, 2011 frida from Austrailia wrote:
I realy liked it becaues it was funny you are a great writer
On May 16, 2011 ellie from england wrote:
i think its funny really funny
On May 10, 2011 kb.hdkjfsoihgvdssgiufdjfoj from usa wrote:
it was funny very very funny
On May 9, 2011 : ) from US wrote:
Awzome poem!
On Apr 29, 2011 derek 4 5 18 5 11 from U.S.A wrote:
it is a okay poem
On Apr 29, 2011 oksana from usa wrote:
can centipeds even play soccer? LOL!
On Apr 26, 2011 Brenna from Tacoma, WA wrote:
Thank you for this poem! I read it at school! People thought it was really funny!
On Apr 21, 2011 ? from united states wrote:
On Apr 15, 2011 c man from texas wrote:
i love it because i love scoccer
On Apr 15, 2011 Smiti Dayal from INDIA wrote:
On Apr 4, 2011 Alisa from England wrote:
On Mar 22, 2011 rosey from America wrote:
wicked poem dude
On Mar 21, 2011 Victor Lin from Hong Kong wrote:
I think this poem is very good when I'm reading. I liked this poem very much and I like reading it.
On Mar 8, 2011 Ellen o Shea from Ireland wrote:
On Mar 4, 2011 shamila from englad wrote:
wicked i love footbaal arsenal is the best team and i love this poem
On Mar 2, 2011 non ya bussiness from usa wrote:
soccer rocks
On Mar 1, 2011 ALANNA from USA wrote:
On Feb 14, 2011 Mr. Peanut from Canada wrote:
Buy my peanuts!
On Feb 8, 2011 janice mc donald from makjon wrote:
ha. thou art so good with poems.thy hast my thankes
On Jan 27, 2011 faith from sturgis michgan wrote:
i is ok
On Jan 27, 2011 tomi from united stats wrote:
i love the part waer they siad hunudered legs
On Dec 14, 2010 Stone from U.s.a. wrote:
It's on centipede
On Dec 6, 2010 JAKE from CANADA wrote:
On Nov 19, 2010 wow from ca wrote:
love it :)
On Oct 21, 2010 amelia.D from australia wrote:
i dont think i'll really want to compete with the centipede at a game of soccer! really good poem ken!
On Oct 18, 2010 Jazzaball from MI wrote:
0h I love your poems so very very much.
On Sep 19, 2010 emz wivs from England wrote:
really good, especially if you like soccer! the author is so cool
On Sep 19, 2010 molly411 from ca wrote:
wow you right a lot of poems
On Sep 7, 2010 brittnei from nsw wrote:
i love these poems and hope you do to
On Aug 18, 2010 cameron duns from australia wrote:
i think it was so good it made me laugh at it
On Aug 12, 2010 KIM from USA wrote:
I loved this poem!..since i love soccer...its my life!!
On Jul 29, 2010 Muhammad Qasim from Pakistan wrote:
Really! it's good. i appreciate the person who use that such kind of language. it's interesting...Good...
On Jul 28, 2010 shrey from india wrote:
nice nice poem on soccer if u luv soccer u will play and if u don't luv soccer then also u play
On Jul 26, 2010 justin bieber lover from Aus wrote:
so cute kenny!!
On Jul 16, 2010 matthew from england wrote:
is funing
On Jun 24, 2010 girly girl from usa wrote:
This is a good poem since i love the game of soccer. It is a great poem even if you do not like soccer.
On Jun 18, 2010 amy from england wrote:
I love it it is fantastic it is the best
On Jun 8, 2010 monica kessop from India wrote:
Cute, funny poem. I love it!
On May 27, 2010 ALH from Michigan wrote:
This is a very cute poem!
On May 27, 2010 Allison Hofert from United States wrote:
This poem is so funny & cute! I love it!
On May 18, 2010 Jiggle Buddy from United States wrote:
I love this poem,, oh yes I do, and not just cause I love sports too! It's really funny. I think I'll put it in my shoe!
On May 14, 2010 bailee anderson from sc wrote:
i love poems they are cool i love the way that they rhymes
On May 14, 2010 charlene thorton from usa wrote:
i bet i can win
On May 11, 2010 danni from south africa wrote:
i like this poem because it is pretty cool and ranndom
On May 9, 2010 claira from usa wrote:
I loved it!
On May 9, 2010 alissa from usa wrote:
i love this poem!
On May 5, 2010 Sabrina from U.S.A Ta Wa wrote:
i loved that poem that you wrote it was so cool!
On May 4, 2010 Heidi from Australia wrote:
it's such an awsome poem that i want to hear more!
On May 3, 2010 anna lange from united states wrote:
that is so cute and clever awesome
On Apr 30, 2010 fernando from USA-Tocoma WA wrote:
I realy like your poem.i would ask him to play soccer with me tomarrow
On Apr 29, 2010 vincent from Burma wrote:
What a awsome poem!I like it!
On Apr 29, 2010 Aungthukha from Burma wrote:
What a awsome poem!I like it!
On Apr 29, 2010 Shishi from Burma wrote:
What a awsome poem!
On Apr 29, 2010 isaiah from USA-Tacoma,Wa wrote:
the is a really funny poem i hope you make alot more
On Apr 27, 2010 jethro from newyork wrote:
it's funny so funny
On Apr 25, 2010 jakai from usa wrote:
This awsome YO!!! LoL (:
On Apr 22, 2010 Leprechaun from Over the Rainbow wrote:
This poem is cute. I liked it!
On Apr 20, 2010 Tyler from USA wrote:
make more
On Apr 20, 2010 Will from USA wrote:
It was awesome.
On Apr 15, 2010 cesia from USA wrote:
Its funny I like it
On Sep 8, 2009 KERRY from united states wrote:
it could be longer and well mean more but over all it was pretty good
On Aug 30, 2009 ash from mexico wrote:
i loved the rhyming sentences but i think u could extend it
On Jul 1, 2009 Anna from G.B wrote:
I love this poem!Iwillwrite my own tonight!
On Jun 26, 2009 amina from ireland wrote:
the best thing ever
On Jun 18, 2009 harry from england wrote:
alright HELLO
On Jun 18, 2009 joe from england wrote:
yes arkid, it was ok
On Jun 18, 2009 shumona from India wrote:
Foot-astic! I liked it a lot. Such an unusual idea.
On Jun 17, 2009 Alex from america wrote:
I love it!!!
On Jun 16, 2009 Naim from Neavada wrote:
good very good poem the best !
On Jun 15, 2009 James Bond from Lonely Land wrote:
Geat Poem
On Jun 15, 2009 Ife from London wrote:
A bit weird, I like some of ur other poems better (ones about funny ppl) keep up the brilliant work Kenn!
On Jun 14, 2009 LOCO MAN from Atlantis wrote:
I hate this 2 weeks of vacation so I have to read this poem!!
On Jun 11, 2009 Miley Cyrus from America wrote:
This Poem is okay,But i reckon my songs are way better,Like: Wake up america.
On Jun 11, 2009 Mr Kum from Still to be found wrote:
y dont you just chuck the ball on the centpede!
On Jun 11, 2009 mayo.naise from woolworths wrote:

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This a wonderful poem i think its great for helping you for homework.
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Ditlha wrote
I think that mom sould make a better desegen.
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