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Comments for 'Halloween is Nearly Here'

On May 17, 2015 Someone from LOL wrote:
My teacher's really nice!!! And quite of my friend's Mom's are teachers!!!
On May 3, 2015 moses from us wrote:
my moms a teacher
On Apr 19, 2015 iballisticsquid from under the sea wrote:
cool poem!I learnt it for a poem recitation competition!
On Feb 28, 2015 C from australia wrote:
Love this poem so much!😋❤️
On Jan 22, 2015 olaf from elsa's palace wrote:
i come from a snowy magical land XD
On Jan 22, 2015 stampylonghead from cake wrote:
this poem is scary i just had a nightmare just kidding this poem rocks
On Aug 26, 2014 iqura from bangladesh wrote:
it was great..... i really liked it
On Jun 10, 2014 demason from texas wrote:
It is cool
On Nov 25, 2013 sania from cambrideg wrote:
love it and i get it to he is going to terrify children i guees but awsome
On Nov 11, 2013 Radhika Mehra from india wrote:
very funny and very nice . i love it ! kenn nesbit poems are are always best ! its spooky and yet very true!
On Nov 8, 2013 Stella from QLD, Australia wrote:
I liked it but not funny.
On Oct 30, 2013 Elise from englan wrote:
That was cool
On Oct 30, 2013 Eric cartmen from Scotland wrote:
I wrote a poem: Love seeks through The air you can't see It but you can't stare You know it's there Take it by the hand And care. By Eric Age 8 years old
On Oct 7, 2013 batlisk48 from us wrote:
On Sep 18, 2013 Chelsea from El Salvador wrote:
What a funny poem
On Apr 25, 2013 Kerri from Ireland wrote:
Cool Poem
On Feb 20, 2013 Nave from Israel wrote:
That is very funny
On Sep 16, 2012 Pritha from India wrote:
THAT IS SO FUNNY! I wonder if its true.
On May 31, 2012 ella from Barrie, Ontario, Canada wrote:
so mean to a teacher but secretly i love it!
On May 2, 2012 Rado from pakistan wrote:
i am going to read this poem in front of my whole school on the stage!
On Mar 23, 2012 Shayla Jones from USA pasco,wa wrote:
This is so funny!I love hallowen
On Mar 20, 2012 samantha johnson from south africa wrote:
soo cool we are writing exzams about the poems
On Mar 12, 2012 EUNICE from USA wrote:
On Feb 23, 2012 zara qamar from england wrote:
lol.....really funny
On Nov 14, 2011 nipur from thailand wrote:
It helped me sooo much in my homework my teacher also gave me the 1st prize for the class poetry competition!
On Jun 14, 2011 Afiqah from Ireland wrote:
Funny,because in the end she/he is not dressed up as a scary thing. Ha Ha Ha Ha
On Jun 14, 2011 michelle dsouza from india wrote:
sooo dam cool im sure that i would pee in my pants
On Jun 10, 2011 Teacher from Czech Republic wrote:
I like it, my pupils will like it too
On Jun 5, 2011 Jazz from Hong Kong wrote:
On May 29, 2011 Hira Nadeem from Pakistan wrote:
Good!! It's a nice one about Halloween. I love it. It helped me in my homework.s
On May 29, 2011 omar from spain wrote:
I liked it
On May 20, 2011 rick from usa wrote:
omg so true XD
On May 20, 2011 justin from ca wrote:
On May 18, 2011 Dylan from Austrailia wrote:
very funny it goes through all the scary things and it may give you nightmares i would rate it 999 out of 900
On May 18, 2011 brian from usa wrote:
omg is all i can say. lol poem. its true you know
On May 12, 2011 Hafsah from Canada wrote:
All I have to say is , LOL
On Apr 29, 2011 Juleidy Benitez from Florida wrote:
I love this poem i was gonna use it for a School thing LOL its hilarious :D
On Apr 27, 2011 Jackson L. from CA, USA wrote:
On Apr 27, 2011 abbyo from North Carlino wrote:
ha ha so funny i thought at the end he was gonna be hes self
On Apr 27, 2011 olivia from australia wrote:
this poem is so good i used it for my poetry competition i won out of my class thanks to you keep up the good work keen
On Apr 26, 2011 3rd grade (almost 4th) girl from the US of A wrote:
This is a awsome poem! I am using it to present to my class on friday! :-)
On Apr 21, 2011 miguel from pa wrote:
u are very creative and fuunny keep up the work tell when u make another one tell me
On Apr 20, 2011 Steven the super hero from US wrote:
I peed my pants
On Apr 19, 2011 nezreen from saldanha western cape wrote:
your poem is so so so awesum i luved it keep up da gud work kenn.
On Apr 18, 2011 halla from USa wrote:
some teachers are so boring and mean i would be freaked oout if someone was a teacher for halloween
On Apr 2, 2011 brianna from broxn wrote:
i know this cool
On Mar 31, 2011 Alice from New Zealand wrote:
Great Poem!! It is TOTALLY true! Teacher creep me out! Way 2 Go, Kenn! :D
On Mar 22, 2011 mik from south africa wrote:
awsum poem its true teacher are horrifing
On Mar 18, 2011 Lisa from United States Of America wrote:
I love how Kenn Nesbitt's poems always ends in a twist. So far, this is my favorite! Keep it up Kenn! ;) <3
On Mar 11, 2011 may from new orland wrote:
i luv dis poem! it is so true teachers creep me out!!
On Mar 10, 2011 Madison from U.S.A wrote:
OMG, so true!!
On Mar 10, 2011 sharna conder from new zealand wrote:
this poem is so awesome!!! im reading it at my poem contest at matamata intermediate:)
On Mar 7, 2011 joynelle johnson from united states wrote:
i like this poem its really cool a
On Mar 7, 2011 Vani Sharma from United States wrote:
I loved when Kenn Nesbitt just stretched everything out instead of right away telling what That guy was (Which is hardly scary)
On Mar 7, 2011 karen from US wrote:
im a really big fan of your poetry and i love this poem its really funny
On Mar 6, 2011 Ashlay from India wrote:
Great one,I am saying it for my elocution exam
On Mar 6, 2011 georgia from middlesbrough wrote:
that is a realy good poem i wish i made that
On Mar 3, 2011 Dizzy from England wrote:
I love this poem I'm using it for my ESB (English speaking board) LOL
On Feb 25, 2011 connor mcnamara from nz but born in uk wrote:
i totally loved it if i saw the meanest teacher in my school walking towards me on halloween id wet myself and run XD lol
On Feb 25, 2011 winnie from seoul wrote:
what a awesome poem
On Feb 25, 2011 macaela from South Africa wrote:
omg i love to say poems
On Feb 25, 2011 jackson from usa wrote:
teachers r not that scary
On Feb 18, 2011 Emiiily x from united kingdom wrote:
i friggin love this poem i totally agree tht dressing as a teacher is the best costume you could have in fact tht may be my costume this year loool
On Feb 18, 2011 jazmine from pixley wrote:
On Feb 17, 2011 tj from usa wrote:
nice poem:)
On Feb 14, 2011 Emma from London wrote:
wow, i like it
On Feb 11, 2011 Brandon C. from USA wrote:
I can't imagine what would happen if a child saw their least favorite teacher walking towards them on Halloween with a test in hand. I'm sure they would wet themselves and scream. Your poems are ingenious, and they're always fun to read. Thank you~ Brandon
On Feb 8, 2011 Mikayla from Lakeland wrote:
That is HILARIOUS! lol.Great poem, it is 2 funny...Teachers are scary so u got it right:)You should really make more and more funny poems like this, this one is the best that I've read so far because of it ending as a teacher, they are scary:o
On Jan 31, 2011 jack from italy wrote:
it is amazing peom! when i grow older i will be a poet. i luv horror!
On Jan 31, 2011 TAYLOR from MISSISSIPPI wrote:
i like the poem!
On Jan 31, 2011 trey from USA wrote:
This poem is so awesome! Can't make more?
On Jan 31, 2011 Tiffany from USA wrote:
That is funny!
On Jan 27, 2011 Elle and Rachel from Siem Reap Cambodia wrote:
Why dos he think a teacher is scary?
On Jan 13, 2011 Bodie from north america wrote:
My old teacher sounds like a mix of all the monsters he named ha ha
On Jan 12, 2011 sagarika from India wrote:
it is the best poem i have ever heard
On Jan 10, 2011 abi-kelisse bailey from england wrote:
thanks for writing the holloween is nearly here poem its the scaryist poem on the planet! lol!
On Jan 6, 2011 dalton handling from us wrote:
loved it
On Jan 6, 2011 Chris Hensley from USA wrote:
On Jan 6, 2011 ernis from chin wrote:
cool good job yeah
On Jan 6, 2011 Mia A. Tornetta from U.S.A wrote:
awsome im in class and i thought it was hilarious!
On Jan 5, 2011 Sopie from USA wrote:
thats a pretty funny poem
On Jan 4, 2011 ingrid from hong kong wrote:
this poem is kind of scary. iwas freaked out
On Jan 3, 2011 gabrielle from united states of america wrote:
hello the guy who rights these poems is very good u discribed my freind bribrizy and me EVERYDAY!!!
On Jan 3, 2011 Ana from U.S.A wrote:
I love it!! Its so true teachers are scareir then a vampire!
On Jan 3, 2011 jamielynn from U.S.A wrote:
lol lol lol lol
On Dec 6, 2010 alina from england wrote:
great book kenn nesbit is a great poet.i wish i had met him toget top tips on how to write such good poems!i wish.
On Dec 6, 2010 jessica from england wrote:
scary but lol
On Dec 6, 2010 anna from england wrote:
whoa, way more scarier than i expected!
On Dec 6, 2010 carlams88 from uk wrote:
i have to find a poem and print it out .then i have to tell the class why i like it and i chosed this on because it is so funny
On Dec 6, 2010 jonno from washington wrote:
On Dec 6, 2010 someone whoooooo from usa wrote:
i though it was very funny
On Dec 6, 2010 zozu from Usa wrote:
lol its gonna get me
On Dec 6, 2010 bubbles from niles, michigan wrote:
wow! this is da funniest poem ever written.! i luv it hey mabey i will go as a teacher!
On Dec 6, 2010 Rockstar6526 from America wrote:
lol that was hillarious my friend laughed so hard that milk came out her nose
On Dec 6, 2010 priyanjali from india wrote:
lovely poem . i liked it a lot
On Dec 6, 2010 izzy from newcastle wrote:
it was so funny when it said about the teacher it builds it up you think it would be really scary but its a teacher
On Nov 24, 2010 alana from canada wrote:
On Nov 23, 2010 some body from NZ wrote:
awsome luved it lol
On Nov 23, 2010 bek from california wrote:
thats terrifiying!
On Nov 21, 2010 fhnv from virginia wrote:
Best poem ever. So funny.
On Nov 21, 2010 HayLey! from Australia wrote:
LoL Ha Ha Ha
On Nov 19, 2010 Mackenzie from USA wrote:
so funny
On Nov 18, 2010 whatever from usa wrote:
i love it its so funny
On Nov 17, 2010 Leah from US wrote:
i LOVE this poem. its so funny. my favorite part is wen he finally reveals that hes a teacher. lol :D
On Nov 16, 2010 indian from MEMPHIS wrote:
love this game
On Nov 15, 2010 jack callaghan from ireland wrote:
poem is amazing :)
On Nov 14, 2010 Shadow from USA wrote:
This poem rocks i am going for sure to use it for my class thank for the poem
On Nov 11, 2010 zackary from united states of amirca wrote:
it's ok
On Nov 11, 2010 your mom from asia wrote:
ha ha i love this one it makes me happy
On Nov 10, 2010 monica from england wrote:
i am using this poem as my poem
On Nov 9, 2010 Katie from USA wrote:
OMG! i am totally going to do this poem for my poetry contest
On Nov 9, 2010 India from United states wrote:
This poem ROCKS!
On Nov 9, 2010 sanjana from India wrote:
I just don;t have words for this poem . IT;s just awesome.
On Nov 9, 2010 Arlene from arizona wrote:
this 1 is so awsome i love it
On Nov 9, 2010 Kennedy from United States of America wrote:
I LOVED this poem!
On Nov 9, 2010 sam from u.s.a wrote:
i LOVE your poem it is so funny!
On Nov 7, 2010 skb from england wrote:
this poem is great
On Nov 7, 2010 henna from united kingdom wrote:
hummm.... this poem is funny i used it for my english work lolx!
On Nov 7, 2010 Nick from Australia wrote:
On Nov 7, 2010 Brit-Brit from United States wrote:
On Nov 7, 2010 qwertyuiop from cannda wrote:
awsome poem I will do that for my poem!
On Nov 7, 2010 sharyn from samoa wrote:
that is cool my sister did that for poetry night.I LOVE IT.
On Nov 3, 2010 Olivia123 from aus wrote:
loved it awsome
On Nov 3, 2010 Rosalie from New Zealand wrote:
I love this poem...its so funny...this also gave me an Halloween...I'm going to dress as a teacher.
On Nov 3, 2010 Aisha .t. from london wrote:
this is so funny! im gonna to do this 4 my homework in English class! LOL LOL!
On Oct 31, 2010 Iris from Australia wrote:
Great Poem! Halloween is nearly here and I think I am going to dress up as a teacher this year.
On Oct 31, 2010 Sarah from U.K wrote:
Aww. Poor teacher. He should be nicer to her.
On Oct 31, 2010 shaza95 from sudan wrote:
if i saw you i will really scream lol
On Oct 31, 2010 Sydney from Australia wrote:
I really like this poem. It's also really easy to remember. I want to be a poet one day. Maybe I can!
On Oct 31, 2010 confidental from GREAT BRITIAN wrote:
cOOL poem
On Oct 31, 2010 holly from nz wrote:
that was so funny
On Oct 31, 2010 Tanvi from Singapore wrote:
Kenn Nesbit ROCKS! The rhyms are amazing but the best part of the poem was the ending! LOL people.
On Oct 31, 2010 Hailey from USA wrote:
I love this its so awesome!
On Oct 31, 2010 abbie lauren mills from united kingdom wrote:
Hi kenn you write the funniest poems ever! can I have your email address so that you can email me every poem of yours because they are just brilliant!
On Oct 29, 2010 Hala from Jordan wrote:
I realy liked it haha a teacher nice one ..
On Oct 27, 2010 cherinpink13 from england wrote:
i needed a poem for school and i red this to the class and they laughed
On Oct 27, 2010 victoria from u.s.a. wrote:
i like how he ended up as his teacher. this was so funny.
On Oct 27, 2010 Rikki from Australia wrote:
This is an awesome poem and it's halloween soon, so I decided to do it for school. It is really awesome!
On Oct 27, 2010 shivani from england wrote:
great poem! what a fantastic way to give everyone a fright on halloween! i love your stuff...
On Oct 25, 2010 Abraham Soto from U.S.A wrote:
I liked it was funnny
On Oct 24, 2010 Brenna from Tacoma, WA wrote:
I like teachers but this poem is funny!
On Oct 24, 2010 Rea from Uk wrote:
I loved this poem its so cool
On Oct 24, 2010 Homebush West from Australia wrote:
It's so funny. Teachers are so like that! Show your teachers!
On Oct 22, 2010 Mrs. Y. from US of A wrote:
As a teacher (with a wonderful sense of humor) my 3rd Grade class will enjoy this one!!
On Oct 22, 2010 shyla from canada wrote:
this a lol one and you could put this on face book.
On Oct 22, 2010 shyla cox from canada wrote:
this a lol one and you could put this on face book.
On Oct 22, 2010 phyllis from new zealand wrote:
wow..that was very funny and yupp..what could be scarier than a teacher!
On Oct 21, 2010 Kyra Shiu from Guam wrote:
Just show that to a teacher
On Oct 21, 2010 lydia from wales wrote:
that was so funny got to get back to school bye
On Oct 21, 2010 Cindy from U.S.A wrote:
Ha I Would Be Scared Of A Teacher On Halloween=P
On Oct 21, 2010 aprilgarrett01 from georgia wrote:
I thought it was hilarious! I would so dress up as that!
On Oct 21, 2010 tammy tuck from bedford va wrote:
i loved this poem so much it is so funny
On Oct 21, 2010 hannah from florida wrote:
thats so funny i love your poems
On Oct 20, 2010 ... from ... wrote:
i loved it
On Oct 19, 2010 Gerard Eustaquio from Guam wrote:
I Love Your Books
On Oct 19, 2010 bridget/zoe from nz wrote:
(bridget)I think it was a funny thing to dress up as!(zoe)I think it was really weird and funny!
On Oct 19, 2010 zoe from New Zealand wrote:
Soo funny!
On Oct 18, 2010 lilly from england wrote:
fan dabby dosey. i love it

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I think that mom sould make a better desegen.
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