The Marvelous Homework and Housework Machine

A Funny Robot Poem for Kids

From the book Revenge of the Lunch Ladies

Attention all students! Attention all kids!
Hold onto your horses! Hold onto your lids!
We have just exactly the thing that you need
whenever you've way too much homework to read.

The Marvelous Homework & Housework Machine
will always make sure that your bedroom is clean.
It loves to write book reports ten pages long,
then put all your toys away where they belong.

This wonderful gadget will do all your math,
then mop up your messes and go take your bath.
The Marvelous Homework & Housework Machine
is truly like no other gizmo you've seen.

It hangs up your clothes on their hangers and hooks,
then reads all your boring geography books.
It brings you a pillow to give you a rest,
then brushes your teeth and prepares for your test.

This thing is amazing. I'm sure you'll agree.
It feeds you dessert while you're watching T.V.
There's only one thing this device will not do.
It won't eat your Brussels sprouts; they're, like, P.U.

--Kenn Nesbitt


Copyright © 2007 Kenn Nesbitt. All Rights Reserved.

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This poem appears in the book
Revenge of the Lunch Ladies


On Apr 28, 2014 Logan m from us wrote:
i thought that was funny and i like how it rhymes
On Mar 25, 2014 Ronald Mcdonald from Singapore wrote:
This poem is fantastic for my school stuff! I really wish the robot was real!
On Mar 20, 2014 forbes from usa wrote:
On Feb 21, 2014 Johnathan D'Agostino from usa wrote:
I should have one
On Feb 5, 2014 sanjay from switzerland wrote:
really good

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