I Went to the Barber

From the book My Hippo Has the Hiccups

I went to the barber.
He cut off my hair,
which would have been great,
but he didn't stop there.

He slipped with his scissors.
He snipped with his shears,
and cut off my eyebrows
and both of my ears.

I jumped in my seat
causing several more slips;
he cut off my nose
and my cheeks and my lips.

With one final slip-up
he cut off my head,
and that is the reason
I ended up dead.

So kids, if your dad tells you,
"You need a trim,"
just pull out this poem
and show it to him.

As soon as he reads this,
I'm willing to bet,
that that's the last haircut
that you'll ever get.

--Kenn Nesbitt


Copyright © 2009 Kenn Nesbitt. All Rights Reserved.

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This poem appears in the book
My Hippo Has the Hiccups


On Oct 21, 2014 ??? from england wrote:
love this poem keep up the AWESOME work
On Jun 10, 2014 swayze from canada wrote:
i love this poem it is so funny
On Mar 19, 2014 ZOE from USA wrote:
I love your poem
On Feb 26, 2014 tayla from somewhere wrote:
I will never go get a haircut at the barber again just at home I will just get a trim there at the barber at home I will get a long haircuts.
On Feb 24, 2014 skyler from whyoming wrote:
I will show my mom this poem ,that will be my last haircut!

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Grade Level Average: 4
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