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When Frankenstein Was Just a Kid

A Funny Monster Poem for Kids

From the book The Armpit of Doom

When Frankenstein was just a kid,
he ate his greens. It's true. He did!
He ate his spinach, salads, peas,
asparagus, and foods like these,
and with each leaf and lima bean
his skin became a bit more green.

On chives and chard he loved to chew,
and Brussels sprouts and peppers too,
until he ate that fateful bean
that turned his skin completely green.
He turned all green, and stayed that way,
and now he frightens folks away.

Poor Frankenstein, his tale is sad,
but things need not have been so bad.
It's fair to say, if only he
had eaten much less celery,
avoided cabbage, ate no kale,
why, then, we'd have a different tale.

So, mom and dad, I'm here to say
please take these vegetables away
or my fate could be just as grim.
Yes, I could end up green like him.
So, mom and dad, before we dine,
please give a thought to Frankenstein.

--Kenn Nesbitt


Copyright © 2012 Kenn Nesbitt. All Rights Reserved.

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This poem appears in the book
The Armpit of Doom


On Feb 27, 2014 whitney from somewhere wrote:
I hate vegetables , I will show my mom this poem I won't have to eat my vegetables , I hate green beans but my mom knows that but she still puts them on my plate!I hate them so much
On Nov 23, 2013 lena from australia wrote:
that's really funny
On Nov 12, 2013 Agatha2/3 from Australia wrote:
It was funny. We giggled a lot. You shouldn't eat too many greens. It was really good.
On Nov 11, 2013 Kangaroo1B from Aus wrote:
Vegetables are healthy for you. It was very funny because he turned into Frankenstein. It made us giggle so much.
On Sep 24, 2013 Poetry-sparrow from Bikini Atoll wrote:
Totally ban them :D My parents try to sneak veggies on to my plate but I still don't eat them! Down with veggies!

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Lexile Text Measure: 950L
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Grade Level Average: 5.4
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Line Count: 24 lines
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