I Never Want to Go to Bed

From the book The Armpit of Doom

I never want to go to bed.
I like to stay up late.
I'm bouncing off the bedroom walls
and, frankly, feeling great!

I'm dancing like a maniac
instead of counting sheep.
My mom says, "Time for bed."
My dad yells, "Get your butt to sleep!"

I'm not sure what my bottom
has to do with anything,
but that's okay because I'd rather
jump around and sing.

I don't know what it was
that made me feel so wide awake.
Could it have been the Red Bull
and the double-chocolate cake?

I wonder if the seven cups
of coffee plus dessert
of Hershey bars and Skittles
are what left me this alert?

Whatever it turns out to be
that made me feel this right,
I hope I track it down
so I can stay up every... ZZZzzzzz

--Kenn Nesbitt


Copyright © 2012 Kenn Nesbitt. All Rights Reserved.

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This poem appears in the book
The Armpit of Doom


On Oct 8, 2014 courtney from Englon wrote:
I like this pomes because it is my funney poems in the whold.
On Jun 13, 2014 pilar from u.s. wrote:
this poem is now another one of my favorites.
On May 12, 2014 Julia Tickemyer from Idaho wrote:
Best one yet Kenn!
On Mar 31, 2014 marilyne from greensboro wrote:
this poem is so awesome i feel like reading it again
On Jan 17, 2014 Can't say my name from Can't say my location wrote:
I liked this, it was awesome. The only reason I had THAT face was because its hilarious!

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