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Fun Author Visits with Children's Poet Laureate Kenn NesbittWould you like to get your students excited about reading and writing? My author visits are high-energy, engaging, educational, and, above all, funny! Your students will have so much fun laughing, they will come away with a desire to put pencil to paper and visit the library.

In-Person Author Visits / Assemblies

I visit schools throughout the school year, both in-person and online — with fun poetry writing assembly programs and workshops. Whether, in elementary, middle, or high school, my goal is to help students discover the joy of reading and writing through poetry. Performances include interactive poetry writing and tons of funny poems.

A typical in-person school visit includes three one-hour performances in the morning, followed by a book signing and Q&A session in the afternoon.

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Online/Virtualvirtual existing, seen, or happening online or on a computer screen, rather than in person or in the physical world. Author Visits

Thanks to the power of the Internet and meeting software such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx, travel is no longer required to visit far away places! My online school author visits are 45-minute, interactive online sessions that include a presentation, writing with your students, and a Q&A session. In addition, I offer special poetry programs on many different topics.

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