FAQ Category: Questions about Kenn Nesbitt

Answers to common questions about children’s author, Kenn Nesbitt

Did you have any jobs before becoming a poet?

Yes. Before I became a poet I was a computer software developer. At the time that I wrote my first funny kid’s poem, I was working for Microsoft. I worked there for two years, from 1992-1994. After that I was self-employed, creating Internet software and other programs. Now I am a full-time poet.

What was your greatest influence to begin writing children’s poetry and books?

My first children’s poem — Scrawny Tawny Skinner — was written in 1994 after having dinner with a friend whose 4-year-old daughter did everything she could to get out of eating her dinner. That evening, after hearing a recording of Shel Silverstein reading his poem “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout,” I decided to try my hand at writing a poem like that. Later I was influenced to keep writing when I read Jack Prelutsky’s book Something Big Has Been Here. I was so impressed by his poetry that I decided to try to become equally skilled and writing funny poems. I have also been influenced by the works of Ogden Nash, Dennis Lee, Bruce Lansky, and many other humorous poets who write for children.

Are you rich?

I’m afraid not. It’s pretty hard to get rich writing poetry. I’m more of a “starving artist.” I’m not actually starving, but I have to work pretty hard at this to support myself and my family.

Can you visit my school?

I visit schools all over the country, and I would love to visit your school, but in order to do so I must be invited by someone who works at the school, such as a teacher, librarian or principal. If you would like your school to invite me to visit, please let your teacher, librarian or principal know about my website, and encourage them to visit the School Visits page for information about my assemblies, workshops and other programs.